The Obama Paradox – Politico

This piece has the full rearview mirror perspective on Obama.. and it might remain a strange time in American history and politics for posterity..
In the end it seems like factors like lack of practical experience and aversion of conflicts hampered too much of the whole thing… even if health care, which might be a step forward, and scaling back the military are two big and important achievements.
Other things like inequality and the corruption of private money into politics have become a lot worse, and a bigger job for the next one to confront…

The Obama Paradox

The ritual started in earnest last fall in the midst of the biggest humiliation of Barack Obama’s presidency, the failure of the health care website. Anytime he heard a sliver of good news, the president reacted the same way: He knocked on the polished cherry wood table in the Roosevelt Room.

It’s a small thing, almost a nervous tic, but Obama’s habit of knocking on wood during Obamacare meetings had become notable, something that close advisers talked and even joked about among themselves.


11 thoughts on “The Obama Paradox – Politico

  1. It’s too bad, I had such high expectations of this presidency. Of course, being opposed at every step didn’t help either, but I agree that someone more experienced would probably have been better able to knock down that opposition. Oh well…I will remember my first American vote with pride for historical reasons, if not much else 😉

    • Agreed.. and one can always fall back on the “way better than W” comfort, but that wasn’t the deal in the first place.
      Will he aim for the Supreme Court afterwards? He’ll be a better fit there I think.

      • Huh, interesting thought! I hadn’t considered that. He might do great there.

        And yes, at times I *will* fall back on the “way better than W” comfort 😉

  2. I read the piece….
    I got out of it something I already knew….
    Every 4 years people get up on and promise ya ‘Change’….
    That’s Bull Shit….

    The American Political System is in fact set up to discourage ‘change’
    It gives other branches of government checkmate power….

    The prime example is the Bergdahl case….

    The President went ahead and made the trade knowing fully that Congress would be annoyed that he didn’t clue them in of his efforts to swap Gitmo detainees….

    Of course the whole concept HAD been discussed over and over since 2011…..

    But Obama fearful of leaks it appears DID NOT let on his order to make the deal….

    While there is political noise on this…
    Obama followed the actions President’s since Madison in doing what Congress legislates , UNLESS , he doesn’t want to….
    In which case a President writes a dissenting letter and does what HE wants….

    And NO ONE has made this illegal for centuries….

    The piece shows how Obama has learned that his initial ‘I can work with these guys’ was nothing but a pipe dream as the ‘these guys’ use the system provided to try and block his EVERY move….

    • Yep, I agree on everything – BUT – he could have done more out the Presidency. He could also have done less of course, but it’s a disappointment nonetheless.

    • I’ll remember in particular two things – his entry negotiations with the first stimulus, going straight for the compromise position without giving either side a chance to do the necessary theatrics.
      The second would be the rollout of Heath Care.

      But it’s still better than waging two wars and bankrupting the country of course.

      He’ll get a B- overall I think.

      • Yeah, while I like the ACA, it’s obviously less health care reform than I would have liked. He compromised–and then he still got bashed for being too radical. That being said, with all the propaganda against single payer health care which gets churned out by certain segments of the media, I wonder if any President would have succeeded in going there.

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