Seattle Passes Historic $15 Minimum Wage – Taegan Goddard’s Wonk Wire

This is an interesting development – to see the medium and long term effects.. more of the cake to the middle class… presumably more spending and a thriving economy…

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously on Monday to raise the local minimum wage to $15 an hour, more than double the federal minimum.

New York Times: The vote, “after months of discussion by a committee of business and labor leaders convened by Mayor Ed Murray, will give low-wage workers here — in incremental stages, with different tracks for different sizes of business — the highest big-city minimum in the nation.”

“The vote, economists and labor experts said, accentuates the patchwork in wages around the country, with places like Seattle — and other cities considering sharply higher minimum pay, including San Diego, Chicago and San Francisco — having economic outlooks increasingly distinct from those in other parts of the nation. Through much of the South, especially, the federal minimum of $7.25 holds fast.”


10 thoughts on “Seattle Passes Historic $15 Minimum Wage – Taegan Goddard’s Wonk Wire

  1. Yep, I will definitely be watching from Portland (where we also have people pushing for the $15 wage). I will be curious to see if the change in Seattle has the negative effects on business that conservatives always predict it will. Of course the Seattle law does have a bunch of loopholes as well–it allows room for the tip credit, bigger companies get to implement the minimum gradually, etc.

    • lol yes maybe..
      I saw Buffett commenting on this.. that after 50 years of deliberations.. he still hasn’t decided.. whether he thinks it would help the economy or not…

      I’d still think it helps a lot putting the money into the pockets where they’re used at once.. getting the economy going..

      Rich people harvesting isn’t very helpful for nothing..

  2. BTW, we just visited Seattle this weekend and it was so beautiful that we are strongly tempted to move there. And yes, that minimum wage makes it even better 🙂

    • Nice!!! I really love Seattle – haven’t been there since 2009 (seeing my big hero Eddie Vedder at Key Arena!), but we had five days of sunshine and high 80’s in September..

      And I still keep this post sticky at the top mostly because of the picture, yes 😉

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