The most depressing chart you will see today – The Washington Post

Some context is helpful… when people say “politics is always corrupt and crap”.. there is a big difference between 72% having confidence in the Presidency vs. 29% having confidence.. it’s two different societies almost.. at times with long-term effects on people’s individual priorities and values..


Check out this new chart from Gallup detailing the remarkably declining trust people place in the branches of government.

“Confidence in the presidency is now the lowest it has been under President Barack Obama, as is confidence in Congress and the Supreme Court, given their historical lows,” write Gallup’s Justin McCarthy.

(..) Today, no more than three in ten Americans have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in any branch of government. Let that sink if for a minute.


3 thoughts on “The most depressing chart you will see today – The Washington Post

  1. Ah mac, dipping your toe back into the mud of politics? It gets lonely out here, so this is a good thing.

    I’m really surprised to see that SCOTUS has had such a low approval rating. I guess in my mind they had been exempted from the declining trust so apparent with Congress and Bush and now Obama.

    • 🙂
      Yeps – same surprise here – and if you can’t trust the “watchdog” a lot of things fall apart…
      The mud of politics yes..
      I remember I started this ting for learning but also to highlight positive motions and signs of improvement. Thus… a lot less posting the last couple of years.
      as an eternal “glass half full” kind of person – I’d say the time is fully ripe for another Teddy Roosevelt turn of events – it’s just that Obama never was the guy to confront issues and do the heavy manual labor of turning minds and wrestling special interests.

      • I agree re O – I can’t imagine him trying to advocate to the people to create something like NASA or the Interstate system. Even with ACA, he left it to the Dems in Congress to do all the heavy lifting.

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