Mitt Romney: President Obama Underestimated Threats of Terror, Vladimir Putin

Mitt Romney makes a lot of sense here.. as Russia keeps stepping into Ukraine.. testing the boundaries..
And a lot can happen in Obama’s two remaining years..
And Romney’s quoting of Hillary’s critiques of Obama’s Foreign Policy is a strong point…..
It’s just hard to trust Obama’s handiwork in these areas..

screen-shot-2014-08-23-at-6-27-30-pm crop

In their first joint television interview since the 2012 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) joined Megyn on “The Kelly File” tonight for an exclusive interview to discuss the state of the Republican party and the country.

Romney took aim at President Obama’s foreign policy, saying that the president’s errors, such as not leaving forces in Iraq and failing to take earlier action in Syria, have endangered the U.S. against the growing threat of ISIS.

“The president has a foreign policy which has failed once again,” Romney said. “He underestimated the extent of the threat represented by terror in the world, and specifically ISIS. And as a result, now we find ourselves facing a series of severe and horrific scenes on the world stage.”


10 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: President Obama Underestimated Threats of Terror, Vladimir Putin

  1. I appreciate your succinct analysis. We’re on the same page with regard to our current policies. I think we all may have underestimated the significance of the terror threat. ISIS has managed to popularize and mutate quicker than anyone could have imagined. I too recently spoke about both the ISIS terror threat and our Putin strategy. I’d invite you to check out a few of the recent posts on our blog: if you have a few moments.

  2. And while I agree with some of this–by no means do I think foreign policy is Pres Obama’s strong suit–I’m not so sure that I would trust what President Romney would have done with this situation, either 🙂

    • It might have been worse, possibly.. but I just found myself agreeing with a lot of what he said, and I do trust Romney’s ability for operational implementation of things a lot more than Obama’s. The ACA roll-out f.ex… would never ever have happened with Mitt Romney.
      I also agree that the reset-stuff with Russia was incredibly embarrassing..

      • Hmmm. Okay–I guess that, especially after watching Obama and Romney debate the subject, I did not get the impression that Mitt was that much more experienced in foreign policy than Barack. Could there have been Republican candidates who would have better in the international arena than Obama, certainly, but don’t think Mitt was one of them.

        • Good points.. now I remember better too, the whole thing of applying a business mindset onto geopolitics and diplomacy – which is no good…
          and Mitt’s little trip abroad offending UK and Israel for no reason..

          But his criticisms are spot on, still.. not just as politics but pointing out some real problems of today.

          • Oh, I’m not totally discounting Mitt. But I remember that awful overseas trip too…when he went to Poland and there were people holding “Poland for Ron Paul” signs…roflmao!

    • This pic haunts me forever:

      How much more symbolic can it get.. an empty Presidential seat, the center of power in the Western World. Void.
      On the side some guy with tense shoulders and casual clothes..
      Someone who does the opposite of grabbing power and controlling the situation. How they could release this pic on the WH flickr-feed is boggling.

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