Scots Reject Independence From Britain in Historic Vote –

It might still be a huge win for Scotland.. England seems in shock… and it might adjust some balances of power and economics within the UK..
And with limited knowledge.. it seemed way too reckless to leave the UK…
The margins on the vote were bigger than expected as well.. at the moment 55.4% vs. 44.6%

EDINBURGH — Voters in Scotland rejected independence from Britain in a referendum that had threatened to break up their 307-year union, according to an official count on Friday from almost all voting areas.

Alex Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party and first minister of Scotland, who led the campaign for secession, conceded defeat in an address to cheering supporters. “I accept the verdict of the people,” he said. “And I call on all the people of Scotland to accept the democratic verdict of the people of Scotland.”

The vote was a decisive 55 percent against independence to 45 percent in favor.
Mr. Salmond stressed that, even though the anti-independence campaign had prevailed, some 1.6 million Scottish residents had voted to end the union, providing what he termed a “substantial” bloc of support to press for new powers promised by political leaders in London.


7 thoughts on “Scots Reject Independence From Britain in Historic Vote –

  1. One of the interesting things I saw in the European press was that apparently a lot of young Scots voted against independence because they want Scotland to remain part of the EU. Young people have gotten used to the freedom of movement, the ability to live and work in other EU countries. Scotland would have to re-apply to be in the EU if it went the independence route, and that would mean at least a few years of going back to passports and borders.

    • That is very interesting! I think some of those sentiments are the same here in Italy btw., that young people love the possibility to move easily into other countries (even if very few actually do it in the end).

      In the youngest segment 16-18 in Scotland though, I think 77% voted Yes to Independence….

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