6 yrs in – Obama concedes.

From his speech today:

There can be no reasoning – no negotiation – with this brand of evil. The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force. So the United States of America will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death.

And “evil” is back too:

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 4.33.58 PM


9 thoughts on “6 yrs in – Obama concedes.

    • I know! I can’t wrap my head around this.

      But, he always was the “blank screen upon which people could project their views” or something.

      There are a few concerns though, of which the most important are:
      1. If he has conducted foreign policy for six years without understanding this basic premise, what kind of model and environment has he created internationally? Is it determined to crumble the second he leaves – or before?
      2. Has 6 yrs domestically been based upon pure “eternal optimism” when working within the political system – without understanding that at some point plain political force is also the only thing that Repubs would react to?
      This means so much wasted time, all due to one man’s naivete..
      3. What does this mean for his Russian confrontations… Does this to some degree apply to his view of Putin? Time to push back with more force? Against a bit “power-drunk” Russians?

      (All of this is old news – but it’s weird to see a 53 yr old man needing so much time to come to relate to the realities)

      • I think he indeed may have been a bit optimistic and naive about the world. In his defense, a lot of us who voted for him–ahem–were equally optimistic. I truly believed that we could lead the global community in a more peaceful way. I’m still not sure I can face the reality that our human world, after all these centuries of evolution, is essentially still run by caveman rules. That’s a painful thought.

        Oh, and as far as Putin is concerned–I’m sure he loves that all this ISIS stuff is going on. With us so deeply invested in our Middle East action, he can continue on his merry way into the Ukraine. Can we really fight Syria and Russia at the same time, and if we do, how close does that take us to all-out world war?

        • Maybe it’s time to make Putin sweat – and invade some western regions like Kursk, Belgorod and Voronezh. And see what happens!!! Let’s play by his rules 🙂

          At the same time orchestrate troubles at his Middle Eastern, Chinese and Japanese borders. Keep him busy!

          As for Ukraine, Europe will have to confront this the most. Europe was crushed after WWII, but now the economy is the same or a bit bigger then the US.

          And cavemen, it depends.. Our human world is very much a vast bunch of different groups and regions. And evolution is mostly a cultural/societal thing in the last centuries.. our human nature and biology evolves slowly over millennia I think – or is my impression from vaguely following the research on this…

          • I agree that Europe should take more responsibility when it comes to the Ukraine situation…as much as they bitch about the States, I think they love to back off and let us do most of the fighting 😉

            Haha, Russia, China and Japan? You’ve got quite the ambitious military plan for Obama there.

  1. He HAS been a war President….
    One would think that American President’s will continue to be the same no matter which party…
    9/11 changed the world….
    The question will be how long will American’s back him?
    The media is already doing their thing…
    Having Pushed FOR action….
    They are Now focusing on the opposition…
    In an imperfect world….
    Things ARE tough…..
    But he swore before us to protect America….
    And he believes his war on terrorism IS the right thing…..
    We have no choice but follow….

    • I’ve been wondering about some of the same in the last few days.. the similarities with Bush, not perhaps the specific approach and strategy, but the broader use of language and in part his evolving generic world view,
      if it’s not just plainly the realities…
      Maybe it’s the default that any President will end up with in the end. The world is big and messy (Ms. Albright’s legacy quote), some regions are fraught with dysfunctional segments and groups pressuring for destructive control, and all of this has to be managed and yes, controlled.

      It might change the course of Obama’s last 2 years though,
      if he wants to leave behind an OK setting on the world map.

    • Maybe it’s just a permanent expense for the more well-functioning societies, to quell crap and mess like this every now and then..
      The alternative is just so much worse..

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