NATO chief says ‘spearhead’ plan doesn’t breach treaty with Russia

What an excellent start for the new NATO head.. speaking clearly.. and factually and very strongly, pointing out the obvious transgressions in the east and not being afraid of the reactions..At this point Cameron and Stoltenberg have become two leading voices globally in confronting the problems with Russia and ISIS in the Middle East.

Europe takes a bigger lead internationally.. while Obama is a huge embarrassment..

(Read the whole story.. it’s recommended..)

(Reuters) – NATO’s plan to beef up its military presence in eastern Europe does not violate a post-Cold War deal struck with Russia on military force levels in the region, new alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said on a visit to Poland on Monday.

At an air force base in central Poland, Stoltenberg said he was committed to implementing a plan for a new “spearhead” rapid reaction force, conceived to reassure NATO member states in eastern Europe alarmed by Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.

Moscow has said this increased military presence on its western flank could violate a 1997 agreement on the type and size of forces NATO can station in former Soviet states.

Asked about the pact in an interview at the Lask air force base, Stoltenberg told Reuters that NATO’s increased military presence was in accordance with the U.S.-led bloc’s international obligations.

“There is no contradiction between more military presence in this area and also respecting the rule-based international order,”
said Stoltenberg, a former Norwegian prime minister.

(…) “We need to keep NATO strong, we need to help keep our neighborhood stable in cooperation with our partners and we need a rock-solid bond between the United States and Europe.

“That creates the best foundation for a more constructive, more cooperative relationship with Russia,” Stoltenberg said.


19 thoughts on “NATO chief says ‘spearhead’ plan doesn’t breach treaty with Russia

        • I had some long discussions with various people yesterday – and my conclusion about today’s troubles is this; ebola, ISIS and Russia/Ukraine are smaller things that will be handled and solved within a couple of years. A problematic aspect is that all three issues are perfect “scary movie” narratives, and sell very well.
          The climate changes however – remain a big worry.
          For some regions, not all.

          (“Smaller” compared to 60 million dead WW2, or 50 mill dead Spanish Flu).

          • That being said, watching how ebola is getting mishandled makes me wonder how we would deal with a real deadly epidemic. I’m not sure this necessarily has anything to do with the President himself, or just that the bureaucracy in place isn’t equipped to handle an emergency like that.

    • I’m starting to wonder if they’re just taking it seriously enough… They’re thinking it’s only dangerous for those who touch the blood and vomit, and no reason to be cautious.

      might be closer to the truth than thinking Spanish Flu or Black Death..
      The only infected in the US or EU so far are the health care workers, often with what seems like careless treatment and little protection.

      • Well, my thought about it is let’s be reasonable. No, it’s not airborne, and no, it most likely isn’t going to turn into some crazy pandemic…but it can still spread and it can affect a lot of people before it’s over…why not be cautious? Doesn’t mean I’m going to go into conspiracy theory-induced panic mode, just, y’know…let’s be careful.

        • Yes.. and WHY expose anyone to the risk unnecessarily.. and why is it considered so drastic to quarantine or isolate folks for just 3 weeks, if they might have a deadly plague? Wouldn’t most volunteer to do so?
          Seems like the nurse returning from Cleveland was hesitant, but some CDC person told her to don’t worry and get on the plane.
          And don’t they see the potential panic effect caused by these news spreading across the country..

          • Haha, whenever I’ve discussed something with you over the past couple of months, it’s always felt like I’m talking to a Republican! It’s been a bit confusing to me too 😉

            But then again, when it comes to issues like ebola, I’m going through a similar process of re-adjusting my perspective. Feels weird, doesn’t it? Maybe all it means is that we’re independents who are capable of looking at things from different points of view?

        • There’s a time for everything isn’t it? 🙂 Some parts of the Obama Presidency is really driving me (temporarily) towards more right-wing politics. For example his inability to protect the country. Both abroad, and now also at home.

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