Tested Negative, Nurse Criticizes Her Quarantine

It’s about time the health workers wake up too.. and realize how they are potentially bringing a deadly plague into the country..
On a personal level her reactions are very understandable.. but also very tone-deaf in the larger context of stopping this whole thing..
If it potentially rises from now 10.000 cases and reaches 1.4 million in Africa by the end of January, there will be a very different situation to handle….


A nurse who tested negative for the Ebola virus but remained under a 21-day quarantine in a Newark hospital, said on Saturday that she was angry and frustrated at the treatment she has recevied on her return to the United States from West Africa.

The nurse, Kaci Hickox, 33, cried as she told her mother in a Saturday morning telephone call that she was being held in a tent at University Hospital in Newark and had not been told when she could leave, only that she would have more blood tests on Monday.

“She’s lived in Burma, Sudan, Uganda and Nigeria, and she’s worked for Doctors Without Borders many times,” the mother, Karen Hickox, said in a telephone interview later Saturday from her home outside Dallas. “I think the frustration is that she went and did her good deed and her passion and her serving spirit, and she comes back to America and I just don’t feel they were very welcoming.”


15 thoughts on “Tested Negative, Nurse Criticizes Her Quarantine

    • Yes indeed. And the part that she was treated like a criminal, not an everyday-hero who deserves gratitude and respect for her work in this unfortunate situation, is very bad.
      But within a couple of months this whole thing could reach very huge proportions, or maybe not. But it’s time to take it seriously.

    • Yes, but the problem here is fear of the plauge and pandemics. This fear has to be managed forcefully. And it’s a rational reaction – not exposing yourself to deadly risks of disease.

  1. I understand the fear of the Governors….
    But I do NOT understand why they didn’t notify NYC Officials….White House officials….

    In America there has be one death I believe..
    The actions of the Governors could affect the flow of those who would HELP America and the world control the situation in AFRICA….

    No one wants to be exposed to the illness…
    But here in America we seem to have a effective way to treat the illness…
    And knowledge rather than putting up fences would do ALL of us better….

    The response to the situation needs to be on a Federal level on consultation with state’s …
    NOT be two political guys looking to move to the White House in the future…..

    ( I made the same comment made over The Oligarch Kings)

    • But what are the numbers here… 30 US health workers currently in Africa?

      But put them on a “luxury hotel” for the quarantine, not a cold tent without shower.

    • Besides – Obama will never do anything unless others go first. And he has to wake up and understand that most people are not as cool and collective as he is. They respond differently.

      • Well, BOTH Cuomo and Christie have backed off their mandatory tent thing…..

        Most agree with with you mac about the tent , so the Governors have relented and will allow stay at home holds for those that qualify…..

        Breaking….I believe the Fed’s have come down with UNIFORM procedures on this…..

        • Yep.. I still defend their initial response though, in the heat of the moment. You plug the hole immediately, then you assess and loosen up afterwards…

          But I still think it’s a bad idea to have “maybe-deadly-plague-infected” people walking around in packed crowds…

        • But I’m confused about one thing – is an Ebola test definitive, even if there are no symptoms…? Why keep folks for three weeks, why don’t just take a test and keep folks 1-2 days in a transitional quarantine?

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