Bush (43) Shares Spotlight With Bush (41) as Tribute Book Is Published

GWB is out in the spotlight again with a new book about his father, and talks about Bush 41’s close relationship with Bill Clinton among other things..
So we’ll see how this exposure works in terms of the detoxification of the Bush name and Jeb’s potential candidacy.. it’s good politics to get it all out there now..


COLLEGE STATION, Tex. — While hosting guests at his Texas ranch shortly after leaving office, former President George W. Bush got into a discussion with the daughter of the historian David McCullough.

The daughter, Dorie McCullough Lawson, mentioned that in researching his acclaimed book on John Adams, her father would have loved to have been able to read a biography of the second president written by his son, John Quincy Adams, the sixth president.

Mr. Bush, the only other American to follow his father to the White House, took the hint. That, he concluded, was something he could do. And so on Tuesday, he published a biography of the first President George Bush, called “41: A Portrait of My Father,” an unabashed love letter presenting the 41st commander in chief in heroic terms.


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