Kaci Hickox, boyfriend leaving Fort Kent after Ebola quarantine fight – The Portland Press Heraldv

Just to wrap up this story.. turns out that parts of the local community in Maine did not respond very well to the narrow-minded defiance of Hickox, refusing to show a minimum of consideration towards other people’s fears and just stay home for a couple of weeks. So the blow-back came hard on her boyfriend with threats from fellow nursing students and silent consent from the school management.

Talk about completely unnecessary self-inflicted wounds… this was all of her own making..


Nurse Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend are leaving Maine next week for parts unknown.

Hickox made national headlines last week when she fought efforts to quarantine her in New Jersey and Maine because she had just returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa.

Her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, withdrew from an accelerated nursing program at the University of Maine at Fort Kent on Friday and said the couple will stay through Monday, after which a state court order expires and Hickox will no longer have to submit to daily health monitoring, inform state officials of travel plans and let them know if her health changes.


Wilbur said he withdrew from the nursing program because university officials – who told him there had been threats against him – refused to communicate to students that any harassment, threats or demonstrations against Wilbur would not be tolerated.

Wilbur said school officials pointed out that those acts were prohibited, and said they wouldn’t act ahead of Wilbur’s return to school to reinforce the prohibitions.

Wilbur was concerned about the threats and also about potential silent protests, such as students getting up and leaving a room when he entered.


One thought on “Kaci Hickox, boyfriend leaving Fort Kent after Ebola quarantine fight – The Portland Press Heraldv

  1. While the Ebola hysteria gripped us I give Kaci props…..
    Hopefully thru her questioning the Politicians will slow their roll in overacting to scares and media hype….
    She was also responsible in NOT push the issue too far…..

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