Elizabeth Warren On New Leadership Position: ‘Nobody’s Clipping My Wings’

Let’s see how this all plays out.. and how her political skills are in navigating this whole thing.. It’s a big platform for her.. but it might also tie her into the establishment.. and other new political games…

In some ways she’s had the privilege of a persistent "one-note" line of attack against banks on behalf of families so far..
Now things will change..


WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) pushed back Thursday evening against the notion that her new Senate position means that she will be a "liberal liaison" between Democratic leaders and the party’s progressive base.

"I don’t quite understand it," said Warren of the oft-repeated, informal title that’s been used in media reports to describe her new leadership position.

Warren’s elevation was ratified Thursday during a more than three-hour, closed-door meeting, where Democrats elected their new Senate leaders for the next Congress. Warren’s role had not previously been disclosed to the caucus, having only been reported as a possibility by HuffPost the afternoon before. Before the meeting had ended, reporters were being told by sources outside Reid’s office that Warren would be a "liberal liaison," and would additionally hold a policy portfolio.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren On New Leadership Position: ‘Nobody’s Clipping My Wings’

  1. Well….
    Like Cruz…
    For part of the Democratic party she’s a icon…
    Considering last weeks drubbing ?
    I think the guys are happy to have her standing next to them….
    But you’re right…
    We’ll she how she likes playing in the big league….

    • Yep.. I read big parts of her book..
      It’s very inspiring and invigorating.. but.. it’s a bit like the Chris Christie style.. it only works up to a certain level..
      Then things get complicated..

      And I’m not sure she sees all the angels to this.. “I’ll just use it as an opportunity to promote my issues” might not be that straight forward..
      Some people are made for opposition and attacks… not saying that this is the case with her.. but that’s what we’ll find out!

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