World Leaders Snub Putin at G20, Exile Him to ‘Social Siberia’

At times it seems like Russia’s President just wants some attention and to be liked.. and respected.. no matter how much he practices on his "stone face"..

It’s very sad and it creates a lot of damage to Russia.. and unnecessary tensions internationally.. and deaths in Ukraine..

Why doesn’t he try to make a successful and prosperous economy instead.. that would’ve brought him some real respect..

Russian President Vladimir Putin was reportedly set to walk out of the G20 summit in Australia a day early after drawing a series of rebukes over Ukraine and threats of further sanctions from Western leaders, but a Kremlin spokesman now says Putin plans to stay.

A member of Putin’s delegation told Reuters that Putin was planning to cut out on a working session Sunday during the second half of the two-day world leaders forum because he had business to attend to in Moscow. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov later denied reports of Putin’s early exit. "This is wrong," Peskov said. "The president is taking part in all the (G20) events."

(..) Later at the summit, Putin received another social blow from Harper as he reached out to shake the Canadian Prime Minister’s hand.

"I guess I’ll shake your hand, but I have only one thing to say to you: You need to get out of Ukraine," Harper said to Putin, according to the prime minister’s spokesman, Jason MacDonald.

(..) Later, as leaders assembled for the "family photo," Putin was placed on the far outer right of the other heads of state, and away from Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who threatened to "shirtfront" rugby tackle the Russian leader last month over MH17.


17 thoughts on “World Leaders Snub Putin at G20, Exile Him to ‘Social Siberia’

  1. Ha! I do love Harper’s little stab at Putin. And I agree–Vlad should focus on doing business with the world community instead of flying his military planes all over the planet. His country would benefit far more that way….

    • I’m starting to get curious about the next months.. his behavior at the summit was very strange.. trying gallantry at the Chinese first lady.. smiling.. seemingly snubbed that state leaders actually push back hard.. and going home early to “rest” before business in Moscow on Monday!!

      Maybe he thinks that Ukraine is solely his business, his own backyard project..

      And maybe he’s just bluffing.. and he’ll back off cowardly once there is some real force pushed back into his face. I’m just tired… of people accepting his non-sense and treating him softly, letting him dictate the events. “Oooooooh please Putin don’t say words like “nuclear bomb” we’re so afraid of you!!!”

      • Hey, he needed to leave so he could get more sleep! Nothing suspicious about that….

        I believe he does think Ukraine is strictly Russia’s business. That’s what I think the flyovers with the military planes are about, he’s trying to tell everyone else “Keep out of my business, or I’ll attack you too.” Is that just a bluff? I don’t know, but I certainly hope so. Can’t help but think of Poland’s safety in this situation!

        • I’m less certain about his intentions after the G20, or maybe better: I don’t think he sees the western perspective on his actions at all. He doesn’t see this as an aggression or expansion, just doing minor adjustments within his old “sphere of interest”.
          But that could easily expand the the Baltics, or other Russian populations.

          Someone should just shoot down a Russian plane the next time. War planes trespassing is an act of war. He won’t retaliate. No way. And the alternative is simply more trespassing.

          He’s just like a child testing boundaries. And it’s sad. He could have done something good with his abilities and his power.

          • Hmmmm, so you’re actually advocating for quite a strong response. I can see where you’re coming from–but I think leaders of other countries are in fact worried that there would be a retaliation, things would spin out of control etc.

            It all depends on how rational or irrational he is…

            • Yes.. but reading some history.. when someone wants a war they keep provoking until they get it.
              I very much understand the inclination towards greater caution and diplomacy, like talking down a desperado with a gun in a big crowd, but at the same time I really have no illusions that that always works.
              Not to quote the W-crowd from the last decade, but for some a display of weakness really just provokes more aggression.

              And I think Putin has crossed enough lines now, to be treated as a direct threat and aggressor. I hate to write this, but there’s no need to postpone the conclusion anymore. Going to G20 with warships was perhaps the last drop.

            • But I hope you’re right!
              And there is a big difference between a couple of military confrontations and all-out war. It’s not automatically out of control.
              I still think everything will be just fine in the end though, and that Putin will just be a hampering part of Russian history at some point, but confrontation is needed and healthy for the process at the moment. To clarify things.

              NATO and GB are currently doing this the right way I think.
              Others not so much.

    • I think he’s on and off… I think he cares a LOT about his reputation and getting respect. “Greatness” is in the end determined by others. He wants to be “strong” and all of that.

      But he’s behaving like a very small man.

    • I’ve heard interviews with Russian higher ups basically confirming what you’re saying…they stated that they don’t care if they have a business relationship with the rest of the world, they don’t care about increased sanctions. They’ll survive anyway. The Russians are a tough (and sometimes crazy) nation.

      • True, they are used to at times horrendous conditions socially, economically, politically and climate-wise.
        And the Germans were shocked in the war about how the Russians gladly sacrificed hundreds of thousands of soldiers as worthless “meat” to stall the attacks.

        Maybe the leaders don’t care about the rest of the world, but I think it’s a bit like the sad rich and powerful person who just wants acceptance and respect, and does all the wrong things to achieve it.
        They might think that an isolated and feared Russia is a cool thing, but it will give them no satisfaction, if people look down upon them.

        • I think they might need the rest of the world more than they think they do.

          But yes, the Russian saying is “We have lots of people.” So, enough people that they can be expendable…

          • You know I just checked, and they’re actually “just” about 140 million! I had 200 mill in my head, but that might be the old USSR.
            Trivia; when they were attacked in 1941 they already had 5 million troops, and instantly mobilized another 14 million “soldiers”. That’s a lot!
            And it puts some perspective on US troop “levels” of 2-3.000 in Iraq…

            • I think the Russian population is declining. They better watch out. or else the overpopulated Chinese will be sneaking a glance at their territory 🙂

          • I recently asked a Chinese friend/acquaintance if China and Russia were good friends. “Oooooh no non on on n n nono ono” he said, with a very funny facial expression!

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