Honoring Small Business, Obamas Go Book Shopping

Having worked in various bookstores for over a decade in the past, I still always love the vibe and atmosphere in a place filled with books and people…


WASHINGTON — President Obama, joined by his daughters, went shopping Saturday at Politics and Prose, an independent bookstore in the capital, in what has become a Thanksgiving weekend tradition for the first family to honor Small Business Saturday — an outing that mixed policy and purchases.

The president and his daughters, Sasha and Malia, browsed the shelves and chatted with customers before buying two bags full of books at the store, where they also shopped at this time last year. According to a White House print pool report, Mr. Obama at one point held a patron’s baby.

At the checkout counter, a cashier asked the president, “You from out of town?” Mr. Obama replied, “I am. Do I get a discount for that?” Another cashier jokingly offered a “neighbor discount.”


2 thoughts on “Honoring Small Business, Obamas Go Book Shopping

  1. Won’t get much press besides the political junkies…
    But good photo op….
    He’ll be able to do this more often without the fanfare in two years….
    He might have to stand in line then, eh?

    • Wow yeah.. what will he do after Jan 2016…? Be more happy I’m sure… a less public position probably….
      Media pundit not very likely I think…..

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