Jeb Bush: Is 2016 worth the family ‘sacrifice’

It mostly sounds like he’s slowly making the argument not to run… consistently fronting his doubts and hesitations is not a good run-up for a campaign..
And it’s not the tune of someone who really wants it…

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Monday that he is still considering whether it is worth subjecting his family to the rigors of a bid for the White House, but that a successful 2016 campaign would be willing to embrace a “lose the primary to win the general” approach.

The Republican was speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council dinner, and while he didn’t repeat past statements that he would decide whether to run by the end of the year, he said a decision would come “in short order, not that far out into the future.”

Bush said he is asking himself if he has the skills to run in a way that “lifts people’s spirits and not get sucked into the vortex.” “Perhaps more important,” he added, “can I do it where the sacrifice for my family is tolerable?”

“It’s a pretty ugly business right now,” Bush said. “So I’m not saying, ‘Oh, woe is me.’ Don’t get me wrong. There’s a level under which I would never subjugate my family because that’s my organizing principle, that’s my life. I think people kind of appreciate that. So, I’m sorting that out.”


14 thoughts on “Jeb Bush: Is 2016 worth the family ‘sacrifice’

    • I was just watching CNN-Candy’s interview with good ole’ George Bush.. he said some of the same, that he didn’t quite understand what Jeb meant by that.

      Can I also say something embarrassing? I like George Bush. Nothing of his politics, but the person. Very likeable.

      • Haha, good for you! Nothing to be embarrassed about. I have to admit I’m not there myself. When those polls came out saying that even people who disagreed with W would like to have a beer with him…I wouldn’t. Maybe I’m too biased because of his inept speeches…would it be possible to have an articulate conversation with him? Especially after a beer 😉

        • Ahaha better after a few ones, I bet 🙂 But he does have a kind of instinct for communication and the human touch at times.

          In the department of dissonance between emotions towards the person vs. his/her politics there is also John McCain. I sometime wish he could’ve been fighting the good cause… he’s fun and got style.

    • One more thing about Jeb’s thought process on this issue.

      It might in part look like this:
      – will Hillary run?
      – will Romney run? And will he beat Hillary?
      – would either Romney or Hillary be ok enough for the country?

      And he might conclude that sure, they’ll do alright…

      Or maybe he’ll fear the business mentality of Romney. That mentality could really hurt the architecture of government and the long-term decisions and strategies for the nation.
      Business-men historically mostly (or always?) create huge bubbles and financial crises.

      • Hmmm, do you think a politician like Jeb worries about the future of the country…or would he be more concerned about his own political future? Call me cynical….

        • Cynical is good, I think he cares a little bit more than most of the repubs candidates in general, but they all care about the “country” in those instances where it translates directly into their own money!

  1. Jeb is moving closer to announcing….

    Bad day for Rubio and other’s down on the bottom of the GOP nomination list….

    GOP money people have to be narrowing their views

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