No Room For Hillary In Obama’s Inner Circle

This is an interesting take on her tenure.. and it might shed some light on her lack of tangible accomplishments as Sec. State for four years..
Maybe implying or making the case that she could do better in a different position in the future..
And even if this whole move of bringing her in was probably motivated by Lincoln’s “Team of Rivals”, it might have been brilliant politics by Obama, both towards Hillary and also in large part towards Bill.

As Hillary, the pragmatist, had demanded before taking the job, she did have regular “one-on-ones” with the president. For Clinton this offered the visual, at least to the Washington press corps, that she was an integral player.

To Obama it was a chance for respectful listening and making sure that Hillary personally felt looped-in
to the happenings at the White House. But it never seemed to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do once she left the room.

“As secretary of state I think that her relationship with the president was cordial, but never close,” says Senator John McCain, who served as the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee and observed her up close.
(..) “I think she had very little interaction” with the president, says veteran State Department employee. “A lot of this was, you know, she would go to meetings of the NSC (national security council) when she was in town and called, but it was a very distant relationship.”

(..) “Obama brought her into the administration, put her in a bubble, and ignored her,” says a former high-ranking diplomat. “It turned out to be a brilliant political maneuver by Obama, making it impossible for her to challenge him, unless she left the administration, and not giving her an excuse that she could resign in protest. So she was stuck.”


15 thoughts on “No Room For Hillary In Obama’s Inner Circle

    • Yep, it’s plain advertising for her.

      But I’m looking at Liz Warren at the moment, is she starting forces and creating momentum that would be very hard to contain? She’s a million times better than Hillary to engage and speak clearly.
      In a few months time, things can look very different.

      But, to speculate;
      she’s intelligent and knows what she’s doing and the consequences.
      Does that mean she is ready to reconsider the not-running-stance in March/April?
      Will she stand on the side and watch an ineffectual and tame Hillary waste another 4-8 years?

      I don’t think Liz can do that, it’s not in her nature. She has to act.

      But I can’t quite believe she’s building up a campaign just yet, but it would be great.
      She could do wonders for America.

      • It would be great…but with Liz, I continue to be concerned about the problem of whether or not the moderates of this country would be willing to vote for her. I don’t know if that’s important, but I do think you have to try to get the center in order to win….

        • Yep.. you’re probably right..
          But it’s a bit unpredictable.. if she could be framed differently.. or hit some kind of centrist anti-“gilded age” nerve.. a couple of generations might have lost their opportunities under this whole special-interest infused era…
          And her drive and pragmatism could appeal to the center and even moderate conservatives..

          But, I haven’t seen the electoral math on this yet…

            • Let’s see how she fares against a fully Repubs Congress after the Holidays.. I think we could be expecting HUGE fights in Jan/Feb – with her in front!

  1. Good look eurocrat….

    Fist of all?
    Barack H. Obama IS the President elected by millions…Hillary was in reality a hire-on….

    The President has has the buck stop at HIS desk…
    So he gets the final say…

    And YES it IS good that she NOT be seen as directing him ….

    That does put her needed distance…
    The whole idea of the story is kinda dumb….

  2. I base my felling on the fact that she IS a ‘Liberal’ icon …..

    Liberal’s do NOT get elected in this country….
    As a matter of fact most Democrats spend a LOT of ink after the primary season down playing their lefty….

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