House passes $1.1 trillion spending bill

The bill passed the House last night, but finally there were some real signs of pushing back hard against the money interests in Congress..
Warren established herself as a leading figure in Congress…
And if it’s really the case that the last-minute provisions that were written by big banks and squeezed into this bill will allow them to gamble with other people’s money again, and gives them guarantees for their losses… it will be 2008 again in a very short time.. this is not political ideology, and it has to be stopped…Let’s see today how this is handled in the Senate..
Warren was recently let into the leadership and is not being quiet anymore..

And Obama looks bad and uninterested in all of this.. always avoiding conflict..

Congress managed to narrowly avoid another government shutdown crisis Thursday night when the House approved a $1.1 trillion spending package
to keep most government agencies operating through next summer.

The 219-to-206 vote came with less than three hours to go until government funding expired.
The result capped a long and acrimonious day in which House Democrats nearly upended the entire package, which was backed by President Obama. The showdown exposed some of the dynamics on Capitol Hill in which the most liberal Democrats replaced the most conservative Republicans as significant obstacles to passing difficult fiscal legislation.

Senators late Thursday approved a two-day extension of current funding in order to give them more time to work
through arcane procedural rules, pass the bill and cap the least productive congressional session in modern history.


5 thoughts on “House passes $1.1 trillion spending bill

  1. Democrats have to deal with the fact that the Republicans WON last months election and for the next two years they are in the back seat….

    The guy they are pissed at?…..
    President Obama?

    Is ALL they have….
    NOT Sen Warren…..

  2. Ok….
    I take it we’re talking about hedge funding and campaign money?

    I Agree with Warren on the opposition to the hedge guarantee’s coming back ….
    She makes sure that the GOPer’s are on the record…
    But the Congress is being led by the Business friendlies…..

    On the Campaign thing…
    Congress cut Federal spending for Conventions….
    So BOTH parties schemed to get money back for that…
    Be advised ….
    The Tea party got passed over with this….

    Let’s NOT forget that BOTH parties write this deal and BOTH parties get money for THEIR programs….

    Democrats need top spend MORE time on getting people out to VOTE…
    I know they will in 2016 because it’s a Presidential year…
    But that isn’t enough

  3. Warren STILL comments that she IS NOT interested in running….

    She WILL be a constant reminder to Hillary and other establishment Democrats of the parties Progressive wing….
    That isn’t bad at all…

    • Yep..
      And I liked the take Cilizza made on this, that she has no interest in putting down the rumors of her running.. it gives her power and relevance..
      That includes her “present tense” answers this week..

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