George Will on terror attacks: We could be reaching ‘a kind of tipping point’

George Will might have a good point in this clip…
Maybe the drive for reformation in the muslim world could grow stronger.. but so might also western resistance and vigilante groups across Europe…

Syndicated columnist George Will said Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that in the wake of the Paris attack and other recent incidents of violence, the tide may be turning as far as the international community’s response to – and intolerance for – acts of terror.

“We could be reaching now a kind of tipping point,” he said. “Starting with the attack on the Jewish museum in Brussels in May, killing 124 children in Pakistan. Against that, we’re now seeing a reaction.”

Will cited Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s appearance at a Coptic Christian Christmas mass as an act of real bravery.

“When SiSi of Egypt, head of the most important nation in the world for the Islamic world… gives an extraordinary speech saying this is a disgrace what’s being done and there must be a reformation in Islam, it is just possible we’ve reached a critical mass of horror and things are going to change,”
Will said.


5 thoughts on “George Will on terror attacks: We could be reaching ‘a kind of tipping point’

  1. Speeches ain’t gonna get it…..
    What we seem to have going is a challange between two factions…
    ISIS and AlQaeda for who can gain more power….
    Let us remember that in most the Middel East people have little but their religious group….
    People who have an economic SOMETHING would not be going out and committing these acts….
    Will is out of touch….
    These things have been going on a for a while and his guy Bush made it worst by further destabilizing the Middel East….

    • Yep.. I guess what set me off was the “tipping point” concept.. but as a bit unclearly stated in my intro.. I think the tipping point is more within some European countries for more confrontation and intolerance of extremism, than within the middle east for reformations…

  2. If the Middle Eastern people REMAIN isolated in these countries and stuck in a lower class sitaution and POOR?
    This WILL continue…

    • And will those conditions change in the near- or medium term future? Most likely not very much.. hopefully they will, but realistically? It’s hard to see any indications of those kind of developments and change at the moment.

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