Mitt Romney Says He’s Considering Another Presidential Run

This is interesting.. coming after Jeb halfheartedly put his hat in the ring….
Jeb seems both too soft.. and the name thing could grow as a roadblock..

And more terror and a dangerous world might drive people towards a harder, stricter Romney….

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told a group of donors Friday that he is considering a bid for the White House in 2016,
according to a new report, little more than two years after his failed campaign in 2012.

The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed people who were in the New York meeting with donors, reports that Romney cited the long term health of the economy and unrest overseas as reasons he might run again.

Many are skeptical Romney will actually pull the trigger on another national campaign, which would be his third.


18 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Says He’s Considering Another Presidential Run

      • Yep, and his own peeps on the right didn’t like him very much! Actually, it’s going to be so much fun to watch them choose between Romney and Bush…I’ll get the popcorn!

        • Agreed 🙂
          And then you’ll have Christie and Cruz making noise..
          Rand Paul is a weird flower in the field though.. a voice of reason at times.. then not so much at other times.
          I remember his entrance into politics with really strange statements, sounding like a nutjob! That actually has changed a lot.

          • Rand Paul will probably always strike me as way too libertarian for my tastes. I don’t want all of the gov’t to get scrapped…I do believe in civilized society 🙂

            • Indeed, he’s way too ideological! But at the same time it’s a bit refreshing and perhaps also useful for the right to “diversify” their brand a little bit. However inconsistent and contradictory and impractical his whole strand of thinking is..
              I’m glad he’s there though!

            • Exactly.. he’s got that part right (or in part at least), and he talks straight back against oil and weapon industry groups. It’s hard not to like that!

            • Ok the Warren post has NO comments opening…..
              She’s constandly said she DOES NOT want to move to the White House…
              She says she’s fine being in the Senate going after Wall Street and now some Drug companies….
              I BELIEVE her……

  1. All the above said?
    Romney appeals to a ceratin tight group in the GOP that has MONEY….
    Since campaigns cost upwards of a BILLION DOLLARS Romney and BUSH ARE the TWO top Guys…..

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