The Political Win That Could Make Elizabeth Warren the Next President of The United States

As mentioned before.. 2-3 big political wins for Warren in Jan/Feb 2015 could change the landscape a lot.. and the entitlement of Hillary Clinton as the “inevitable” nominee will be more and more questioned..
And as so often.. circumstances can decide.. Warren turns 66 this summer.. she really can’t wait.. it’s now or never…
The country desperately needs a Teddy Roosevelt correction away from too much political power in a few rich hands..
And Warren knows that Hillary is not capable of this…

Led by Elizabeth Warren, this week progressive Democrats and the American people scored an unusual victory over Wall Street, Too Big To Fail Banks, and corporate Democrats.

Wall Street investment banker Antonio Weiss — President Obama’s nominee for the third ranking position in the Treasury Department, who had helped Burger King merge with a Canadian company to avoid U.S. taxes and stood to receive a $20 million payout from his bank for taking the Treasury job — withdrew his nomination rather than face questioning on his Wall Street ties in a Senate confirmation hearing.

On its face, Weiss’s withdrawal might seem like a relatively small thing. But in politics, this is the equivalent of a large earthquake, and a big boost to Elizabeth Warren’s political influence.