Sarah Palin Slips into Self-Parody – Quote of the Day

From Byron York, on Palin’s testing the waters, again:

In the Washington Examiner, Byron York treated those who missed the address to a brutal dissection. First, he recorded, Palin subjected the crowd to an “extended stream-of-consciousness complaint about media coverage of her decision to run in a half-marathon race in Storm Lake, Iowa.” Next, she offered up some self-righteous “grumbling about coverage of a recent photo of her with a supporter” and a litany of “objections about the social media ruckus over a picture of her six-year-old son Trig.” And, finally, she embarked upon a “free-association ramble on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the energy industry, her daughter Bristol, Margaret Thatcher, middle-class economics . . . women in politics, and much more.” All in all, York proposed, this did her no favors at all. Rather, the “long, rambling, and at times barely coherent speech, left some wondering what role she should play in Republican politics as the 2016 race begins.”


3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Slips into Self-Parody – Quote of the Day

  1. *Loved* watching that. That wasn’t a speech, it was a freestyle slam poetry performance. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. “The man can only ride you if your back is bent…so straighten your back and then the man can’t ride ya!”

    The irony, of course…apparently Sarah had to improvise this mess because the teleprompter died on her…the same woman who always made fun of Obama for using a teleprompter…

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