Inside MSNBC’s Impending Shakeup: Cancellations, Reboots and Chief Phil Griffin

This article made a lot of sense.. MSNBC is a disaster and has become mostly unwatchable with crappy, provocative hosts and repetitive shows.. with NO news value..

Worst of them all: Melissa Harris-Perry. Get her off the air at once.
Reid: Can it. Self-absorbed and immature host.
Farrow: Nice guy but dead boring. His elaborate compliments to guests and in interviews are just too embarrassing.
Al Sharpton. The same show every night. Complete repetitiveness.
Ed: Sort of ok. A bit one-note but plays with an audience.
Hayes & partly Steve Kornacki: Way too cerebral. It’s too detailed and distracting from the real issues.

From the article it also seems like Griffin has very little understanding for when during the day different people would work well. Pushing a popular daytime show to prime-time is not necessarily a very good idea, as he apparently has done many times.
Let someone else take the helm and produce a progressive and grounded network, please…..

Over two years later, the network has fallen backwards. January ratings revealed double-digit declines compared with January, 2014 in all ratings measurements. During the day, MSNBC was down 20 percent in viewers and 37 percent in the advertising-coveted 25-54 demo. In primetime, it fell 23 percent in viewers and 39 percent in demo.

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Network President Phil Griffin knows MSNBC needs to turn those numbers around quickly, and multiple insiders tell TheWrap Griffin is in the process of deciding what potential changes to make, including tinkering with primetime.

(..) Last week, Farrow, 27, attracted just 26,000 viewers in the demo on Wednesday — finishing fourth behind HLN, CNN and Fox News. Reid’s program — which parted ways with executive producer Larry Epstein toward the end of last year and recently appointed Farrow’s Senior Producer Omnika Thompson to EP — has also struggled, partly because of the Farrow lead-in. On Thursday, it attracted just 36,000 demo viewers.

(..) Another insider told TheWrap Griffin has withheld moving or canceling Hayes’ show — despite ratings that have struggled since it launched — because he’s married to the idea of younger, wonky hosts in primetime over the traditionally older, bombastic anchors who’ve occupied the daypart on Fox News and MSNBC, like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, and Ed Schultz.


7 thoughts on “Inside MSNBC’s Impending Shakeup: Cancellations, Reboots and Chief Phil Griffin

  1. They DO have problems….
    I watch Diaz-Balart who took over for Chuck Todd every morning…..
    His alright with me…He has added a latin look and they have let him field his own people to report back….

    Tamron Hall does double duty with her own show and the Today show…..

    Starting Farrow and going into the even they are a MESS…Youung bubbly people ain’t gonna do it…Young people DO NOT watch cable TV news….THAT IS THE ISSUE…

    Further more Fox may be pandering…BUT…Glammed up Blondes gets them male viewer….
    Those guy problem turn the sound off….

    Rev Al might have been a draw when he started..But now he is blend of his outside work….

    The Griffin guy needs to do his homework….
    Or maybe they need to steall some FOx people and brain wash them into lefty’s and let them do their thing….


    • Actually – I agree with everything you just said!
      It’s very annoying to listen to the bubbly “children” discuss politics. Distracting and annoying.
      I like Tamron Hall a lot. She’s fun and professional. Diaz is ok unless he starts talking Spanish with his guests. That’s a no-go for me.
      Joe is doing a good job, Mika too at times, but someone HAS to reign in her “woman television” efforts lately. It’s very off-key for the genre of the show.
      Others.. Alex Witt is nice and straight-forward. No-nonsense works well for me.
      Alex Wags is fun, but do not move her to prime time!!

    • And I’ve been watching a bit of FOX too lately, because of all the garbage on MSNBC, and enjoy it in doses! Shep Smith is ok, Bret Baier is ok, I actually like Krauthammer (on foreign policy, don’t agree on domestics/economics), but the network do serve NEWS. The Five could be entertaining too, if you take it for what it is… they’re just trying to create entertainment..

      And, being in Britain for a while – a dose of BBC is always educational and stimulating.

  2. I think I wrote this somewhere in the comments on the PDog….Fox is basic glam blondes and legs….And it works….
    Besides MOST people watching the news consistantly are over the age of 50 and that groups tends to fall to the right…

  3. Oh man, oh man! Please don’t mess with my girl Rachel! I love her show :/

    I do agree on the daytime programming, however. It was during the coverage of the Charlie Hebdo killings that I realized just how bad it was. It sounded like little kids trying to report serious news, and I had the sense that people like Farrow and Wagner didn’t really have the background, didn’t know about France, and had no idea what they were talking about! That lineup has to change.

    • Yep. And I’m very happy to discover that this was not about me getting older and reluctantly “drifting to the right” after all… the network has made some bad choices..

      And to some degree they are also reinforcing the “young on the right means no heart, adult on the left means no brain” kind of thing with the current programming… that the left is just full of kids with wishful thinking who avoid the unpleasant facts and realities of human nature and societies.

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