WATCH: MSNBC’s Matthews Just Destroyed State Dept. Flak Who Says Terrorists Simply Need Jobs

A couple of things.. finally someone on the left wakes up and starts confronting the problems in the Mid-East…
And Harf really should consider resigning.. she’s a bright young woman whose loyalty to Obama is destroying her career.. she knows she’s wrong and should leave her post to maintain her integrity.. it’s painful to watch a delivery of such inane and provocative talking points…

It was the sort of pounding, merciless, unrelenting attack that many believe the Obama administration should pursue against ISIS — only the war on the Islamic State would be waged with bullets and bombs, not words.

In a blistering verbal assault on a clearly outgunned spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews unleashed a barrage of devastating criticism of the Obama war strategy, claiming the White House is allowing America to be “humiliated.”

And in the process of blasting Obama’s handling of the effort to stop the spreading ISIS scourge, Matthews got the State Department rep, Marie Harf, to reveal what may well be the key reason why the White House won’t go all out to destroy ISIS.

In effect, Harf said that the United States needs to implement something akin to a jobs program for terrorists. Saying nothing about radical Islam, the religious underpinnings for ISIS’ actions or a historical clash of philosophies and cultures, the State Department spokeswoman blamed poor economic conditions as the driving force behind the terrorists’ brutal slaughter of their enemies and bloody territorial expansion.


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