Barack Obama’s ‘extremism’ language irks both sides

The whole thing is embarrassing.. and damaging.. as problems will grow..
And it’s a bit like listening to a little child.. a dreamer..
And the choice between “human ideals and dialogue” vs. “iron fist” is not merely an ideological conviction, it’s often just a matter of timing. And finding the right mix in the right context.
A President who doesn’t seem to understand the nature of aggression, and prefers to avoid confrontation, is partly blindfolded in handling these issues.

Barack Obama’s summit on violent extremism has come under fire from conservatives who are bashing his reluctance to use the words “Islam” and “Muslim” to describe the threat from terror groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.


2 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s ‘extremism’ language irks both sides

  1. Keep on your course Mr. President…..
    The US does NOT need figfht Islam in total…
    The countries in the Middle east need to carry the load….

    • True.. but..
      I think his timing of statements is very off-key..
      And it feeds confusion about his commitments and even position on things..
      And no one is calling for a war in total against any religion.. one could argue whether these groups are a branch of a religion or independent actors who misuse it.. which no one has the authority to define anyways..
      But avoiding the issue is not very helpful either..
      And it’s a bit too academic I worry.. to believe that a decoupling of words will help solve the challenges..

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