Kerry, Lavrov hold tense meeting amid Ukraine conflict, Nemtsov murder fallout | Fox News

This picture says way too much..
The Russians are feeling strong and confident and dictating the terms.. Kerry saying “pleeeeease pleeeeaaaase be nice”..

EU United State Russi_Cham640360030215.jpg

GENEVA – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Monday with his Russian counterpart in what appeared to be less than amicable talks amid continuing tensions over Ukraine and American calls for a full probe into the murder of a prominent opposition figure in Moscow.

Kerry and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke for roughly 80 minutes at a Geneva hotel, according to the State Department, which did not immediately provide details of the discussion. Kerry said in a tweet that they talked about Ukraine, Syria and ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

But in a change from their usual cordial encounters for cameras, neither man smiled or spoke substantively as they shook hands at the start of the talks that took place less than a week after Kerry told Congress that Russian officials have lied to his face about Moscow’s role in Ukraine.


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