Netanyahu Tells Aipac He Intends No Disrespect to Obama

A much larger problem on display through this contentious Bibi visit, which in itself is just one of many symptoms of a much larger issue, is the consistent lack of a hand on the wheel from the sole superpower in the world.. it’s confusing for everyone, it creates unnecessary power vacuums, and it provokes random and dangerous power grabs the upsets balances and boosts tensions..

And once people start to push their boundaries.. it becomes a self-feeding game of strengthening excitement and “glorious opportunities”..


WASHINGTON — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday opened his high-profile visit to the American capital by playing down any personal dispute with President Obama, but he said that he had a “moral obligation” to warn against the dangers of an American-brokered nuclear deal with Iran.

Previewing his hotly disputed address to Congress, which is scheduled for Tuesday, Mr. Netanyahu said at the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that he was grateful to Mr. Obama and the United States for their support over the years and never meant to inject partisan politics into the relationship.


9 thoughts on “Netanyahu Tells Aipac He Intends No Disrespect to Obama

    • I’ve been thinking about a followup in regards to this… how Bibi challenged Obama straight in the face, and Obama did not handle this well. Bibi is possibly damaging Israel by this, but there is also a dismissal of the Obama Presidency which is pretty strong. The message is in part that there is a difference between US-Israeli relations, and Obama-Israeli relations. And Obama “not having the time” to watch the speech, and leaving office in 1,5 years.. makes him less relevant..

      And this “deal” with Iran.. I have little faith in that to be honest.. they just want the bomb and are playing for time, always…..

      • Fine with me if Bibi wants to challenge the Obama presidency…what I don’t appreciate is the Republicans inviting him in to do so in the American Congress just as we have foreign negotiations going on. I have to say, it makes them look like traitors to me.

        • This was BibI’s THIRD appearance before the US Congress…
          Nobody got hurt by it…
          BibBI numbers for the upcoming election in Israel bearly moved…
          So much for the THAT…
          The Israeli PM went OUT OF HIS WAY to make sure he let everyone know that America DOES have his back and without that his country would be deep trouble…..
          People tend to forget things have been sour since the jump between the leaders of both countries since Biden got an ok on settlements …Got on the plane to leave Israel and before he was off the ground they changed their minds….THAT set the tone…Israel , as BibI indicated see’s thing VERY different than America…But Bibi is on the outside looking in on this one….
          The GOPer’s have every-right to push their view…
          But American President make Foreign Policy…. Congress Ok’s it…

          • They do have the right to push their view…I have the right not to respect them for it. Yes, I heard part of the speech and I know Bibi gave the needed lip service to his support for America. Nobody got hurt by it…whether or not the negotiations with Iran are hurt by it remains to be seen, I suppose. I still get the feeling the GOP are more willing to support the leader of a foreign country than their own country’s President. Oh well…I don’t expect any different of them these days.

        • Yes, I think you’re right. But in their view the President is a traitor for not standing up for his country and being pushed around and humiliated. And a part of the population would agree. Which is a problem of democracy in some ways I think..
          In the case (not meaning right now) the truly incompetent/damaging guy is elected to the Oval.. then what?
          These are not my views btw., just commenting on the dynamics and perceptions..

          • Yeah, I understand…not to mention that to some in the Congress, just trying to negotiate with Iran is treason in itself. And I think you’ve hit on the heart of the problem…such a divided country, what do you do?

    • Hmmmm… actually yes and no. If someone grabs power and the leader does not respond.. it’s not that straight forward anymore.
      Someone in the position like Obama would have to re-establish his authority which is does not even try to do. He could have, but so far he does not.

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