AIPAC Crowd Cheers During Susan Rice Speech — for Policies She Opposes

This is stunning, seeing the standing ovations in the face of the National Security Advisor at AIPAC…
But it’s also amazing how Rice has become a complete copy and parrot of her boss.. the tone, words, body language, melody of sentences.. it’s identical..
And the third thing is a factual and problematic error in her speech.. as to permanently deny Iran to pursue peaceful nuclear energy could indeed be a starting negotiating position.. it’s not realistic, but that is the nature of negotiating.. which Obama has never understood or accepted.. right from his first clumsy efforts on passing a domestic stimulus package back in 2009….

White House national security advisor Susan Rice earned rousing applause during her speech before the American-Israeli Political Action Committee
on Monday — but they weren’t in support for Obama administration policies.

Speaking one day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, Rice sought to convince the conservative group that negotiations with Iran are the best policy to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and avoid a war.


2 thoughts on “AIPAC Crowd Cheers During Susan Rice Speech — for Policies She Opposes

  1. I have come to believe that President Obama seeks to deal with Iran from the Inside out….
    Despite Biibi Netanyahu’s call to get a ‘better’ deal…..
    Obama and Sec State Kerry are trying to get the frame work for just a deal….
    The scond part of any agreement would be the fine print which would have to get oked by the Iranian hard liners and the American Congress….
    IF there is NO DEAL as some have proposed?
    We get Iran continuing unabated in its effort to produce a nuclear bomb which I believe they will eventually do after 10 or 20 years when the deal might run out….
    Iran is ALL over the Midddle East…
    There is NO way ANY country will be able to stop their actions form the out…
    By working from the inside I believe Obama is doing the prudent thing…
    I don’t trust the Iranian politicans anymore than the next guy…
    But NO deal is NOT an option….
    I SUPPORT The President on his action which Rice is paid to carry out….

    • Yes agreed..
      But why should the Iranians listen to the US at all? Why should they let anyone stop them? What are the chips here, to make a deal?

      Unless they are forced or credibly threatened to stop, why should anything happen?

      As you always say, they just want the bomb.. and they’re playing for time.. which they are good at..

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