Hillary Clinton donors frustrated by email controversy

The issue is an artificial scandal – but her ability to tackle political attacks is real and relevant.. and so far she seems slow and ineffectual.. her old trademarks…



New York (CNN)Hillary Clinton’s top donors are fed up with the email controversy that has taken her not-yet-announced presidential campaign by storm.

The former secretary of state and presumed Democratic frontrunner has come under fire for her use of personal email at the State Department. She addressed the controversy head-on for the first time on Tuesday, insisting she didn’t break any rules and that she’s taken every necessary step to ensure the public has access to her work emails.


6 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton donors frustrated by email controversy

  1. The Donor’s will keep on giving…..
    As far as this Dog is concerned?
    She did fine….
    The more the emdia and GOPer’s keep at her?
    The stronger her base will rise to her defense….
    She has been fighting with the media and GOPer’s for decades in attempts to maintain her famlies privacy….
    This whole thing statretd with benghazi and will continue no matter what….

  2. I supported her in 2007…when Obama won the nomination, I supported him….And as the 2016 Democratic nominee I will support her again

    • Ok good to know.. to be honest your commentary about her in the coming 1,5 years will then be not factual and critical, but always defensive..
      And not to be taken too seriously..

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