Is Hillary Clinton Ready?

This will be a campaign full of mistakes.. with several serious ones… as a possible Presidency would also be…
It’s depressing times in American politics…

Frank Rich: “That it took Clinton as long as it did to respond to the rising chorus of these questions, and that she did so as defensively and unconvincingly as she did, is yet more evidence that she’s not ready for the brutality of a presidential campaign. This hastily called, abruptly truncated press conference was reminiscent of the mistakes she made last year in her ill-fated book tour. She didn’t schedule yesterday’s appearance until after the most senior of Democratic senators, Dianne Feinstein, essentially demanded that she speak up.”


4 thoughts on “Is Hillary Clinton Ready?


    A agree she tried to just wait it out….
    That didn’t work…
    She gave a pretty good answer at the UN….
    The issue here is the GOPer’s trying to pick off Clinton who leads ALL the GOPer’s….
    This will go in the same place as Benghazi
    The polling for Clinton hasn’t moved much….
    The story is followed by LESS than 20% of the voters….
    The story has moved to the lack of controls on emails in ALL government agancies Federal, State and Local…..
    For Hillary?
    Getting knocked is the best way for her to get on her game….

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