Jeb Bush makes 2016 debut in New Hampshire

This might very well be the next President of the United States..
He seems strong, confident, smart, but also laid-back, charming and solid.
He will probably be his own man pretty quickly, as he doesn’t remind you at all of his brother, when he’s speaking. He’s also confronting issues head on, and tackling critical questions well.
He might draw huge swaths of independents voters and center folks to vote for him, especially if Hillary continues with her horrible campaign preparations.
There needs to be done some electoral math analysis – but Jeb already seems a lot stronger after the reluctant candidate thing seems to fade away…

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush speaks to the media after visiting Integra Biosciences during a campaign stop in Hudson, New Hampshire March 13, 2015. REUTERS-Shannon Stapleton

Hudson, New Hampshire (CNN)As Jeb Bush tried to greet and make small talk with workers at a local business in New Hampshire, he had a hard time ignoring the crush of reporters and cameras that surrounded him during his first trip to the state in 15 years.

“Howdy, how are you?” he said to one woman, shaking her hand. “What do you think of all of this?”
“It’s crazy,” she responded.

He paused, acknowledging her assessment with a friendly nod. “That just shows you’re a normal person.”

(..) As one person at the business was taking photos, Bush joked to the man that he’ll be able to show his grandchildren what the media was like 30 years from now “when there’s no press left.”“You’ll all be automated and digitized I’m sure, right?” Bush said, turning to the dozens of reporters around him.
At another point during the tour, Bush stopped mid-conversation with one of the owners and surveyed the media. “I’ll get used to this, I think.”


18 thoughts on “Jeb Bush makes 2016 debut in New Hampshire

  1. So what you’re confirming for me is what I’ve already heard from several other sources…the Democrats badly need another strong candidate *besides* Hillary.

    • Yep..
      I’m a little bit conflicted about everything these days.. when it comes to politics. Obama, Hillary, MSNBC…. it’s just not “me” anymore… and a big problem is this: I think that there are bigger problems and threats than tax rates and income equality that are pressing right now. I think that ISIS and Putin are feeding on their expanding power and have a joy of passive and scared Western powers, and I also think that campaign finance is off the hinges.
      Which hypothetically leads to the following absurd priority among the candidates: Elizabeth Warren, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton. (Which might be perfectly natural – given that Hillary is useless, and provocative).

      I’ve thought many times in the last few years that the solution to curbing private money into politics should come from a moderate conservative, who has the power to clean up the right side of politics enough to pass some fundamental changes to the political system. That *could* be a Jeb Bush. He’s already made some political choices by slamming the right fringes with his talk about “being grown-ups”.

      • Maybe. I would have to hear more from him. I have to say that income inequality remains an important issue to me. While Putin is certainly one crucial international issue, the power of global corporations is another. Which, ironically, might make Elizabeth Warren a candidate for me to look at–if only I thought she could win.

        • Yes, I think you’re actually being more clear thinking and rational about this than I am 🙂 In the end there will be an analysis of the issues and not the personalities. And that’s why we’re probably stuck with Hillary (yuck) 🙂

          • Heh, if you had seen my reaction after Ted Cruz declared his candidacy you would not be applying the word “rational” to me!

            Also…I’m not sure if I’m getting this right…but I get this feeling that you might not like Hillary 😉

    Do I detect that mac is thinking about going for jeb Bush???
    Hillary MUST be in trouble Here….

    I must admit she is simply NOT shape like others…
    But she IS a Democrat….
    She WAS the hard charger in the Situation Room as Sec of State….
    Warren is NOT running….
    I FAIL to see how you could accept Jeb Bush who is EVERY BIT a Republicans as Scott Walker EXCEPT for Immigration and Common Core….
    Please remember ….
    jeb Bush IS Conservative Republican…
    Please remember….
    While Bracak Obama had his HEAVEST fighting Hillary WAS the Sec of State…

    Oh, Yea….
    Moderate Conservative?

    George Bush got over the same way….
    And you know how he turned out…..

    • In the end – I think Bill will push Hillary FAR across the finishing line. He’ll be the first both President AND first husband in history – which sweetens the pill a lot.

  3. Ok….
    let’s see there IS more….
    My two kids have healthcare Insurance because of Dem’s and Obama….
    Jeb Bush would follow the company line on trying to cut up the new healthcare law?
    What about social security?
    Privatise it so his GOP buddies can make money or lose it and we have to bail them out?
    We can continue to shrick Governmenet and stall any economic growth?
    How about rights of workers?
    Let’s see?
    Maybe we can use the Texas example and get RID of sfatey regulations?

    Jeb Bush and His buddies for a soft sell on Immigration and Common Core?
    maybe he can get OUR TROOPS BACK in the middle of battle against ISIS like all the old guys in Congress want….
    No deal witrh Iran so we can bomb them with the Isreali’s?

    I’m NOT seeing this….
    NO way…..

  4. One more…..
    The Lady currently LEADS ALL the GOPer’s….
    LEADS in some polls by 10% points….
    It will close….
    But SOMETHING IS there….

    • I love the passion!!
      And very good points too 🙂
      I just still have my concerns about security policy and Hillary’s lack of accomplishments though. Not her grabbing high positions, but having real accomplishments..

  5. Sure on second guesses on Hillary……
    I’m doing a post on reconsidering Biden…..
    She isn’t like a guy ….
    She’s a woman….
    And can NOT come on too strong….
    And yes…
    She makes ya wonder sometime…
    But I just can’t EVER trust a Republican…
    There basic DNA is NOT for us regular people….

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