America’s Hinge Moment

The numbers are staggering… the US was 80% white in 1980.. in 25 years it will be less then 50%.. a majority-minority nation..
And the country will be something different than it has ever been…

The country is going through the most significant period of change since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
Across the United States, we are seeing a convergence of economic, technological and demographic forces that is transforming every aspect of our lives. These changes are all reinforcing each other, adding to the pace and the scale of the disruption.

Despite the upheaval Americans are experiencing, voting patterns in presidential elections have remained virtually unchanged for the past 25 years—with the majority of states voting the same way in the last six elections. That’s not unexpected, even at a time of great change, because elections, in fact, historically have served as lagging indicators—not leading ones—of the direction of the country. Rather than forecasting the future, election results help us make better sense of the past.


6 thoughts on “America’s Hinge Moment

  1. I’m excited to see where this transformation takes us! I also expect to be involved in voter registration and getting out the vote next year, so maybe I’ll help shift the voting patterns just a little 😉

    • Cool!
      I have to admit that I’m a bit mixed about huge demographic changes like this.. as it will bring with it a broad mix of consequences… and it will be a bit unpredictable… maybe it’s great, maybe it’s not so great… we’ll find out!!

      But either way I’m super supportive about your getting out the vote plans!! Great going!! 😀

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