Elizabeth Warren on the presidency: Fifty shades of nay

…and then it’s kind of final…..

She will not be running… adding the "not going to run" future tense that many had been missing… and she also has done none of the necessary steps to maybe set up a campaign.. and it’s April….

It’s a pretty firm deal by now… probably even if something extraordinary happens… it won’t be Elizabeth Warren from the Democratic side….

Elizabeth Warrenhttp://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/mar/31/elizabeth-warren-presidential-bid-2016-not-running

“No,” Elizabeth Warren said on Monday night, “I am not running for president. I am not going to run for president.”

It was a new linguistic dance – “going to run” was a new turn of phrase – from the US progressive base’s favorite politician, who has been fending off calls to run for the White House almost since she was elected to the Senate two and a half years ago.


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