Charles Koch: We like 5 GOP candidates in primaries

There’s not much left to say about US politics these days.. no signs of improvement.. big money tightening the grip on the process, and more openly so.
Here’s Charles Koch laying out the plans for directing the primaries, to secure the right candidate to promote for the general. With something like $890 million from now until Nov 2016.


WICHITA, Kan. — Charles Koch said he is considering throwing his political might into the Republican presidential primary for the first time and is likely to provide financial help to several contenders before settling on a single candidate.

Koch, his brother David and their team have identified five candidates who have the right message and “a good chance of getting elected,”
he told USA TODAY in an exclusive interview at Koch Industries’ headquarters. They are Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida.

“Those are the ones we have talked to the most and who seem to be the possible leaders,” he said.


33 thoughts on “Charles Koch: We like 5 GOP candidates in primaries

    • 🙂
      I love how you put things 🙂

      And… to be honest I’m very close to stop this blogging thing from time to time.. Jon Stewart quit in large part because of how 2016 looks, Andrew Sullivan quit explicitly for that very reason (and a few others), other political writers have the same problem. The point of starting the blog was to focus on positive stuff, to find some glimmers of hope, but the tone of this place has become too sour in the last few months I think..

      But then again, things always change….!


      • That is so funny, because just today I was thinking of taking a hiatus from political writing in 2016, precisely because I don’t know if I can stomach the election choices. Not completely quit blogging, mind you, but maybe switch to a blog about more personal stuff, or fiction writing, or…something besides politics.

        • 🙂
          Yes exactly..
          Writing is a great idea, some day.. I’ll start with more short stories and eventually longer ones 🙂
          Have a great Wednesday!

          • I don’t! Actually, right now, when I say creative writing I’m thinking more of short pieces of fiction or creative nonfiction/personal writing. I don’t have the commitment or inspiration for an entire novel at the moment, and I’m having fun posting my little blogs 🙂

            By the by…weren’t you working on a novel? How is that going?

            • 🙂
              I just wrote half a novel many years ago (the whole plot/outline – then filled out half of it), but last year I decided to write one short story pr. month, to have 12 stories after 2014, and maybe 2-3 of them could have any potential.
              I started in January, and ended up with one – 1 – story in total.

            • I actually think that, in the past, automatically thinking of writing as “I have to write a novel!” was very limiting to my creativity. I’m glad I can see the entire rainbow of possibilities now 😉

            • Maybe a novel was more important in the old days.. to spread your work and so on 🙂 I’m still wondering though, if people read as many stories as they used to. And getting a novel published is still kind of an accomplishment and guarantee for many readers!

            • I won’t lie…one of the appealing things about a blog is that you get instant feedback. I’m not sure I’m the personality type who is willing to labor for years in a lonely room without any kind of response to what I’m writing. Does anybody still have that personality type these days??

            • Exactly.. unless you have a certain story to tell.. that’s important to express..

              And then there’s always poetry! Just to make some nice images and emotional pieces of word music 🙂

            • I think some of my prose writing occasionally borders on poetry, especially the shorter pieces.

              Ahhh yes…I could always become the only thing more useless than a fiction writer…a poet. Remind me, how many people still buy books of poetry? Hahaha….

            • ahaha I’ve worked a lot in various bookshops in the past – the dusty poetry shelves usually have a normal turnover of 1-2 books in total pr every 6 months lol 🙂

              But how I’d LOVE to introduce myself in social settings as a “published poet”. It would give you a sort of free pass to all kinds of musings on absolutely everything 🙂

    • Btw. I’m declaring this blog partly a hiatus-zone, but I’ll check in daily on wordpress anyways 🙂 And I’ve added a Bernie-sticker in the sidebar! It’s the only thing that feels remotely useful at the moment, just to give some attention to something good.

      And sometimes.. disconnecting a bit from politics feels like a relief….

            • Oh yes. You know, I avoided politics under GWB, but then I was drawn into it in 2008.. The last few weeks I’m drifting back into the same resentment of national politics again. I support Bernie on campaign finance reform and climate change, but that’s as far as it goes at the moment..

              Anyways 🙂 I posted five short poems on last night. Got a little response and that’s so much more satisfying and inspiring, yes indeed 🙂

        • And I’m catching up with Portlandia. Didn’t quite remember but it turns out that I’ve seen all of season 3 before. Now it’s binges for 4 & 5! 🙂

          • So you like it then, eh? Some of the sketches irritate me a bit, not sure if it’s because I live here and it literally hits too close to home 🙂

            • Yes, I think it’s great! A little bit “long winded” at times maybe, like “Yeah I get it, move on”, but they’re having such a good time – it’s a bit contagious 🙂
              And I did see some blog post the other day about how the show is ruining a few things for locals in Portland – becoming an ever present reference to daily life and habits, and things you can and cannot do anymore.

    • Another thing, I just wrote a couple of pages on a new story and I think that I’d like to share it with some people. But, it’s not for everyone.. My favorite writer is probably Proust and In Remembrance of things Past. Full of reflections and detailed description of the over-sensitive experiences of small things in daily life and social interactions. I love that.
      do you know a forum or website that could fit this purpose? Kind of a “Writers who love Proust” kind of community?
      I’ve just started but already clearly sense that the “plot” will not be in the front of these writings! 😛

      • Hmmmm…I probably won’t be much help there. I haven’t really participated in a lot of writers forums. The one writing website I was on (I can’t remember its name right now!) really wouldn’t fit your writing profile…and it wasn’t great for me, either.

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