Sanders surge is becoming a bigger problem for Clinton

If nothing else, Hillary has to do more to fight for the nomination.. but would probably still be a very clear favorite..


It may be time for Hillary Clinton to take the challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders more seriously.
Sanders is surging in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.

The Vermont Independent has drawn huge crowds of supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire, and pulled within striking distance of Clinton in some Granite State polls. “This is not a protest campaign,” Sanders declared at a breakfast with reporters in Washington last week. “This is a campaign to win.” He’s also a powerful presence on social media, where supporters are eager to share news about his campaign. While Clinton remains the runaway favorite, the strength of Sanders’s challenge — particularly in the states hosting the first two nominating contests — is starting to get attention.


7 thoughts on “Sanders surge is becoming a bigger problem for Clinton

  1. While I repeatedly see in the Washington Post and USA today that Hillary has more money and a larger favor in opinion polls, the fact that Bernie is filling auditoriums and wanting more debates scheduled, is a force to be reckoned with. The question is, will Hillary actually answer questions at these debates & put forth policies when the heat is on?

    • Hi and thanks for commenting! And agreed with the force thing, I find myself motivated to spread and promote parts of his agenda, especially the limit private money into politics drive he has. That one issue is the big mother ship for all special interests and downright corruption in America.

      And Hillary under pressure is not very good historically. And personally I don’t think she would be very effective as a President either. She’s not been very effective in driving through accomplishments in her last 25 years, so why should that change now…

      4 years of Bernie on the other hand might be a good and productive change to clean up things.

      And btw. welcome to wordpress! 🙂

      • The largest unknown is how much of a role bill would play as well. From what I have read, when Bill President, Hillary ran things. She was the 1 making staff and policy decisions. Now if Bernie had to pick a running mate, I hope it would be Liz Warren.

        • Interesting. There is a difference between making decisions in a role handed to you without earning it, and being effectual though. I still can not think of a single accomplishment of hers, other that traveling a lot and speaking about women issues.

          Bernie’s running mate! Hmmmm……. Warren would be too much of the same probably. He’ll need more of a centrist moderate I think, maybe even a latino! Maybe this Castro mayor from Texas, the current HUD secretary…
          Being VP is usually a dead end though.

        • But I think you’re right about Bill, he might give her a solid bump of as much as 10-15%.. but it’s a high risk card to play… and she’s seemed very “touchy” about being in the shadows of her husband…
          And if he hands it to her.. it’s a bit problematic short term…

          • Here’s the thing about bill that I have always noticed. He has the black community on his side. This is something Hillary herself has never had. Bill always seemed very popular with the black community; the question is, does he still have sway with them. As for right now, Sanders is making Hillary nervous & I think it will only get worse for Hillary after the first debate.

            • Agreed. Did you see Hillary’s first nationwide interview (after 3 months) last night? Horrible.

              What are your thoughts about Bernie btw.? He’s a bit too left/liberal on the inequality stuff for me – but the environment and stop big money into politics I support 100%.

              If Hillary collapses (perhaps 70-80% likely I think) – there is a very strange and open race suddenly, very unpredictable and possibly resulting in a huge shift in American history.

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