If you don’t want your political dinner to honor a slaveowner, avoid these 10 names, too

The foundations of America are starting to crumble…



If you’re a Democrat and/or you’ve ever attended a fundraising dinner for Democrats, it’s probably been named after these two men: Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

Jefferson-Jackson dinners, honoring the party’s former iconic leaders, are some of the marquee fundraising events for Democrats
all over the country. Hillary Clinton has attended Jefferson-Jackson dinners in Arkansas and Virginia over the past month.

But the legacies of the two men could be in trouble.

Under pressure from the NAACP, the Connecticut’s Democratic party is dropping the two presidents’ names from an annual fundraising dinner because they owned slaves, reports the Connecticut Post.

[..] So if Jefferson and Jackson could be going by the wayside for their questionable ways, here’s a list of 10 former presidents we should probably stop naming things for as well.

George Washington
James Madison
James Monroe
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Theodore Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Dwight Eisenhower
Lyndon Johnson
Jimmy Carter


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