Clinton Has a Much Bigger Bernie Sanders Problem

It could seem like Bernie has hit a roof.. but who knows..

Numbers for Iowa are Clinton 49, Sanders 25, Biden 10 (Clinton +24)
NH: Clinton 42, Sanders 32, Biden 12 (Clinton +10)

Bernie beats her in a match up against Trump though (CNN):
Clinton 56, Trump 40 (Clinton +16)
Sanders 59, Trump 38 (Sanders +21)


Mark Halperin: “Let’s all please stop asserting that Bernie Sanders can’t beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic nomination race. Pundits and journalists galore have been declaring (alleged margin of error: zero) that the Vermont senator will lose to his party’s front-runner. Sure, his odds are long, but so far he’s shown substance, grit, and surprising appeal…. Sanders’ surprising success has already influenced Clinton’s conduct and fortunes, and there is every reason to believe that he will continue to challenge her, influence her, and create significant problems for her as the race continues.”


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