The 6 big issues where we still don’t know where Hillary Clinton stands

Another Washington Post reporter piles on..
And there’s one very important thing to remember about this 2016 Presidential race, which is the unexpected entrance of two free and non donor-controlled candidates on each side, Bernie Sanders and Donal Trump.
They speak out clearly on every issue, and they are fundamentally changing the dynamics. Hillary’s vagueness or right-wing indoctrination now have a big and refreshing contrast.
And this is a very good thing for everyone, except the donors.


On Monday, Hillary Clinton released the first part of her vision to combat climate change — a document which left out many of the day’s controversies in the environmental world.

She proposed expanding solar panels and working to have every American home in 2027 powered by renewable energy, but she made no mention of the Keystone Pipeline, fracking and offshore drilling.

Her campaign says she plans to roll out more details later, but there’s reason to believe we might never get clarity on how she feels about some of these topics. That’s because Clinton has so far avoided taking stances on several controversial issues of domestic and foreign policy — most notably ones that divide her Democratic base.

In fact, we don’t know the Democratic front-runner’s stance on at least six big issues she’d have some control over if she were president.


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