Jeb Bush continues to face Iraq War questions in Iowa

Jeb sounded reluctant for months before he announced his candidacy.. and he still seems out of place.. and his body language is mostly tense and often just says “I don’t want to be here”….
All the talk about W and Iraq.. and now also Wolfowitz.. is not helping either..
A strange campaign so far…

Des Moines, Iowa (CNN)Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s brother’s legacy in the Iraq War continued to haunt his candidacy Friday, when he faced questions from an audience at the Iowa State Fair about his relationship to the policies of President George W. Bush.

One of the fair-goers asked the Republican presidential candidate during his appearance on the Des Moines Register Soapbox whether he was being advised by Paul Wolfowitz, George W. Bush’s deputy secretary of defense and the architect of his Iraq War policy. (..)

“Paul Wolfowitz is providing some advice,”
Bush said. “I get most of my advice from a team that we have in Miami, Florida. Young people that are going to be … they’re not assigned, have experience either in Congress or the previous administration.”


2 thoughts on “Jeb Bush continues to face Iraq War questions in Iowa

  1. Again…..His Brother and father got us into this mess….

    Obama and Clinton have tried to get us out…..

    Obama is trying to keep the GOPer’s from sending American men and women BACK….

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