Can Donald Trump Be Stopped?

Mark Halperin has a long and interesting analysis of Trump.. and indirectly indicates that Trump might win this.. implied by the lack of any clear derailment issues..

Donald Trump Holds Media Availability In New York City

Like almost everyone I know who is working on, covering, or closely following the presidential election, I spend about 60 percent of my waking hours talking about Donald Trump. People want to know if he can win, if he will win, and what might possibly derail his candidacy. The reason the answers are so elusive is that Trump has proven to be unlike any other candidate in modern American politics.

..With Trump, the rules have changed. So far, he has proven to be largely immune from attack, and also a master killer himself, with a unique political arsenal. With a few months to go before voters vote, Trump has squashed the poll numbers and personas of a host of his rivals, without resorting to significant traditional opposition research, paid media, or surrogates. He simply uses Instagram, Twitter, and his virtually unlimited access to the news media to unsheathe his sharp tongue, cutthroat sensibility, and unerring perverse humor. And Trump can shift to kill mode without strain or hesitation.


2 thoughts on “Can Donald Trump Be Stopped?

  1. Well THAT was then…
    While he still leads…..
    His comments have been increasingly strident….
    It IS true that his followers careless about truth and substance…
    But as actual voting time nears?
    There are gonna second and third looks at the Donald….
    And more people asking ‘HOW’ can he do what he thinks he can do?

    • Yep..
      Trump has a proven record of doing things though, so many might just “trust” him on that part. But his positions are not always that clear cut.

      It’s interesting times though! In some ways on both sides. I would be less surprised now – if there are indeed some serious breaches in Hillary’s emails, it would be strange if you have no slips in 60.000 emails, but we’ll see.

      But I don’t see a Sanders or a Biden nominee.. quite yet.

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