Wall Street’s latest panic: Trump could win

Trump is growing stronger – but still on a very hybrid kind of policy platform.. strong on illegal immigration, tax the rich, universal health care, reverse outsourcing.. pro life.. pro guns..



NEW YORK — Wall Street is growing increasingly terrified that Donald Trump — once viewed as an amusing summertime distraction — could actually win the Republican nomination for president.

The real estate billionaire, who took another populist shot on Sunday by ripping into lavish executive pay, continues to rise in the polls. Would-be Wall Street saviors like Jeb Bush are languishing in single digits. The belief that Trump’s candidacy would quickly fade is now evaporating in a wave of fear.

“I held four lunches for investors in August and at the first one everyone assumed Trump would implode,”
said Byron Wien, vice chairman of Blackstone Advisory Partners and a senior figure on Wall Street. “By the fourth one everyone was taking him very seriously. He taps into frustrations that are very real and he is a master manipulator of the media.”


4 thoughts on “Wall Street’s latest panic: Trump could win

    • I’m more split now – at times I’m thinking he’s “wearing off”, but he also seems steady and the competition is still weak.

      And his “playing nice” routine for a couple of weeks – I’m not sure about the effects of that.

      He’s out on the stump a lot though, props for that.

    • Not sure what to call him anymore.. a businessman in transition to becoming a politician.. but a very rookie one.. but great at the media game.. this summer at least.. but maybe not so much for the last couple of weeks..

      But again, Bush, Rubio, Carson, Carly? He might win this still, but it is a marathon….

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