Report: Biden’s entry into White House race now appears more about when, not if

A Biden entrance will make a huge mess on the left…

Vice President Biden’s aides in recent days called Democratic donors and supporters to suggest he is more likely than not to enter the 2016 race
, and their discussions have shifted toward the timing of an announcement, said people familiar with the matter, according to The Wall Street Journal.

While the Biden team is still debating the best time to jump in, the vice president met Monday with his political advisers and talked about the merits of an early entry that would assure him a place in the Democratic debate scheduled for Oct. 13. They also are honing his campaign message and moving ahead with plans to raise money and hire staff, the people said.

A big factor in Biden’s decision remains whether he can work through the emotional toll of the recent death of his elder son
, Beau Biden. But the shift in the deliberations to the timing of an announcement is a fresh sign that he is moving closer to a bid.


14 thoughts on “Report: Biden’s entry into White House race now appears more about when, not if

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  2. Joe Biden, who drafted core parts of the Patriot Act which erodes basic constitutional protections in the name of the failed, some say bogus, war on Terror? Thanks but no thanks.

    • Joe Biden is a decent man…
      Contraray to those who WANT him to run?
      He seems conflicted about actually doing so….
      His record is 0 and 2…
      And he’s been around a LONG time with a LONG history that could hurt him…
      We’ll see…
      But he’s already risen in the polls without even saying if he’ll run…
      If he runs?
      He’s gonna make it tough on Hillary and Obama….
      Two people he likes…
      Stay tuned…
      Oh, he’s got probably less than a month to make the call…
      After the first debate he’s too late (I think it ALREADY is too late)

    • Hi! So nice to hear from you again 🙂

      I can’t help thinking that behind the scenes someone knows there are some serious “slips” in Hillary’s emails, that could likely come out in the coming weeks or months, and that she might have to pull out eventually..
      And that’s why Biden might “have to” run..

      Let’s see yes….

      • It’s nice to see that you’re posting blogs again 🙂 Yep, I feel the same way…that regardless of how real the Hillary e-mail controversy is, she’s been so wounded by it that the Democrats are looking for someone new…and Biden might just fit the ticket!

        • 🙂
          I’m trying, but it’s not the most uplifting times in politics these days! 🙂

          I’ve been busy doing a little bit of traveling around in the UK lately, visiting places like Oxford, The Lake District, and soon a little trip to London!

        • Thanks!

          Oh and btw., the writing is going well here in Britain! I wrote a little poetry collection this summer – 104 little poems of travels and beautiful moments – and I’m well started on a first novel! Just finished chapter 5 yesterday and it’s about 54 pages so far 🙂

          So I’m having two days in London on some brief business tomorrow, but then after that – another month in the Lake District, for writing and nature, and enjoying life! 😀

        • Thanks again!!
          And greetings from London! 😀 I’m going back up to nature and mountains later today – for another month – but I think I’m really liking this big city! 🙂

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