Bush Struggles to Calm Donors – Rubio leads the GOP prediction markets

The Marco Rubio campaign seems to be gaining some strength in the last few weeks.. and is one of the few who seems to be benefiting from attacking Donald Trump..
Rubio also has lots of charm.. but a stronger hawkish attitude towards foreign policy.. which might be playing into his advantage after the depressing UN summit this week.. putting the US on the sidelines in world politics, and Iran and Russia taking more control over the Middle East and the geopolitics of Eurasia..



“For the past week, Jeb Bush’s campaign advisers have been using a new data point to convince nervous donors that he’s still the candidate to beat — Bush’s lead in the political prediction markets,” Politico reports.

“Just one problem: Beginning Sunday night, PredictIt, the biggest of the online sites and the one referenced last week by top Bush advisers and confidants, placed Marco Rubio ahead of Bush at the head of the GOP pack. The sudden evaporation of yet another data point in his favor explains the tension in and around Bush’s campaign this week on the eve of the third quarter FEC fundraising deadline.”


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