Trump solid lead in Nevada, South Carolina

CNN Poll:

Nevada: Trump 38, Carson 22
SC: Trump 36, Carson 18

It looks increasingly likely that Trump will win the GOP nomination, and maybe the White House too.

2 thoughts on “Trump solid lead in Nevada, South Carolina

  1. It’s hilarious that Trump continues to take hits from the Left and the Right yet his lead remains. No doubt this scares the hell out of the power elite/status quo. Can it be that our government has run so far amok that’s it’s finally pissed off enough people that they’re willing to send a real wild card to Washington?

    LOL – Could it be that Democracy is still alive?

    We will see. We will see.

    • Agreed,
      and I think it’s time to look through the “clown image” he has projected as part of his business strategy and media strategy. That’s not who he really is.

      Another thing to remember is that he’s not a hot head or unpredictable madman, he’s been a very low-risk long term strategist in doing his business. And he’s been very competent, effective and successful.

      He’s also learning and adjusting to politics extremely fast. It has just been 3-4 months.

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