Clinton now has tight grip on Dem nomination

After Biden’s decision yesterday – Hillary is the nominee. Sanders will never win this. Unless Hillary is disqualified..


Hillary Clinton tightened her grip on the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination Wednesday, when Vice President Biden announced he would not launch a White House bid.

Biden’s decision to stay on the sidelines, coupled with Clinton’s commanding performance in last week’s debate in Las Vegas, gives the former secretary of State a strong wind at her back ahead of her testimony Thursday to the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

(..) Now, all has changed. Some experts even tell The Hill that the battle for the nomination is as good as over.


2 thoughts on “Clinton now has tight grip on Dem nomination

  1. Been over from the jump this time…..

    Bernie might now even get NH….

    We NOW KNOW that Hillary CAN handdle the spotlight

    • I’d say it’s been a couple of very impressive weeks with Hillary, both the debate and now the hearing. She seemed like an adult and calm person in a room full of non-sense and political attacks.

      And I think she improved her odds in the general, as well.

      But we’ll see.. she has other sides..

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