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This blog is mostly about US politics and the economy – but at times also photography, music, movies, travels, Italy and other favorite hobbies!

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    • Hi Marc!
      Yep, sort of “between the 40- or 30-yard lines” of politics. That does not, however, mean between the Democratic and Republican Party of 2011, by far. Today even folks like Richard Nixon would be labeled center/far-left by those who yell the loudest.

      But in a larger and historical context the “center of politics” would be where reason and facts are accepted as neutral and non-political ground. Then you could argue about a fair/constructive mix of different elements from both the conservative and progressive values and mindsets. A typical mix could be a bit right-leaning on defense and fiscal issues (meaning not living on credit f.ex), and a bit left-leaning on some social issues, and flexible on the rest.

      All of which might resemble the whole concept of moderation and middle-road, pragmatism, the “about right” philosophy, and in some sense the whole basis for the founding and creation of the United States.

      • Well said mac. Another example of how the right-leaning political segment has changed: we used to call the Repbulican Party, the party of business. Today they are the party of the rich, the individuals, invested in protecting wealth. Big difference.

    • Hi Happy!
      Thanks for great note – and a great site/project you’re running!
      We’ll look into a politics post on happy spaces, there’s lots to be said on how the one affects the other!

  1. Thank you for the visit and the approval!

    I greatly appreciate your proposition of fair and balanced dialogue, reasoning based on facts and objective evidence: exactly what is missing in the world today, gone from MSM and across the political spectrum.
    I’m looking forward to reading you…


    • Hi Mariana!
      Thanks for kind words, and for sharing your thoughts on the subject. Moderation doesn’t sell much news – but it works better I think.
      Please stay around – and join in wherever you like!

    • Thanks Jane, and thanks for posting the artworks! I hadn’t seen them for a while – but they do stand the test of time, or perhaps just get better over the years. Another great reason for visiting DC!

  2. Hi Mac, thanks for liking my post about the first day of school and the snowfall. Your blog looks to be very interesting and informative, and I look forward to visiting again soon!

    • Thank you for the kind words, MariaGiovanna!
      I had another look – and I really liked the about page, and the post about Paestum. I visited there some years ago and found it absolutely fantastic. The temples, and the nature, and the local people. Knowing it’s still there makes the world a better place.

    • Hey Moe!

      And yep, I’m considering it – but haven’t decided yet.. whether to keep them separate or not. I like this idea of new blogs growing a bit sheltered at first, to let them find a tiny audience and find its natural shape. But we’ll see – and thanks!

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