St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC.

St. Patrick’s Interior:


The Catholic Seat, 5th Avenue NYC. Photo: Mayor's Office.



Real-life paintings.

This was nice:

Painted man.


“american artist alexa meade creates her representational paintings directly on her subjects, covering people and objects in layers of acrylic paint before photographing them. the works offer an unusual conflation of painting, installation, and photography, as the three-dimensional forms are collapsed in space, taking on a 2D appearance in the prints. in her exhibitions, meade frequently paints over small rooms in which a human subject sits for the duration of the show, offering a performative aspect to her work.”


More here.

More Art: Walid Al-Jafari.

Another nice painting – this from a MidEast painter.

Palestinian artist - Walid Jafari..

Short bio:

Walid is a self-taught artist who launched his ‘career’ in 2002 with a hugely successful solo exhibition in Dubai.

Through constant experimentation, Walid developed a unique painting technique, which is now seen as his trademark.

Based on a mixture of acrylic, oils, and inks, the texture and surface of his paintings appear quasi-ceramic, and have an intriguing three-dimensional effect.

Four main, but not exclusive themes, run through Walid’s work: figures and portraits, ruins and towns, oriental patterns and abstract Nature.

His delightfully dry sense of humor, combined with an impressive list of academic credits, ensures that all conversations with Walid are always sharp, interesting and full of laughter.