POTUS election day schedule

WH meetings and radio talk:

  • 9:30-intelligence briefing;
  • 10:00-economic briefing;
  • 11:35-KPWR/Los Angeles interview;
  • 11:50-WGCI/Chicago interview;
  • 12:05-WSOL/Jacksonville;
  • 12:20-KVEG/Las Vegas;
  • 4:30-Sec. Def. Gates.



GOP in for 80 seats – and control of the Senate?

Lots of scenarios – Nate says about +80 is within the realm of possibility.

And from Pwire this morning;

PPP are pushing five new senate polls leaning GOP; IL, CA, WA, AK, CO.

We’ll see tomorrow night..


Hidden funding: 84% wants to know.

Finally some good news – a polling from non-partisan Survey USA shows that 84% of voters claim they have a right to know who’s behind negative ads and hidden funding of political groups.


“66 percent are aware that outside groups are behind some of the ads they’re seeing [..] – and 53 percent are less likely to think a candidate who is backed by “anonymous groups” can be trusted to “improve economic conditions” for them or their families. People don’t believe these groups are looking out for their interests.”

More findings here.

Joe speaking out: Tell us where the money comes from.

The battle for the remains of some democratic influence in US Government tightens.

Todays speech by Vice President Joe Biden:

“Karl Rove has his stable of billionaires, literally, and millionaires pouring tens of millions of dollars into close races,” Biden said at the event for Rep. Chris Carney in his hometown, according to the pool. “Does it surprise you that Karl Rove and his friends – Karl Rove, the architect of the policies that drove us into this ditch – are back raising tens of millions of dollars from shady sources, shady in the sense that we don’t know where the money is coming from?

Biden told Rove to “tell us where that money is coming from,” and he filed a similar complaint against the Chamber of Commerce, a frequent critic of the Obama administration.

I challenge the Chamber of Commerce to tell us how much of the money they’re investing is from foreign sources,” he said. “I challenge them. If I’m wrong, I will stand corrected. But show me, show me. Folks, they’re trying to buy this election to go back to exactly what they did before [..]”.

This is very disturbing stuff.


Midterms; turnout and seats.

Here’s a nice chart about Midterms – and the turnouts around 35 percent..

And wiki has just put up an interesting page on senate and house changes from the last 17 midterms.

“Midterm elections are sometimes regarded as a referendum on the sitting president’s and/or incumbent party’s performance. They usually don’t turn out well for the party of the president; over the past 17 midterm elections, the president’s party has lost an average 28 seats in the House, and an average 4 seats in the Senate.”

More on turnouts here..

Some polling snapshots..

2,5 months away – here’s a couple of interesting Senate races:

  • Florida: Toss-up, slighty leaning I-Crist.
  • Kentucky: Lean/likely TP-Rand Paul. Conway struggling.
  • Pennsylvania: Slightly leaning R-Toomey, Sestak might still win.
  • New York: D-Gillibrand safe.
  • Nevada: Tossup/leaning D-Reid. TP-Angle probably too off-center.
  • Arizona: R-McCain looks safe.
  • California: Toss-up, D-Boxer slightly ahead.
  • Washington: Leaning D-Murray.
  • South Carolina: Safe R-DeMint, Alvin Greene hampered by indictments.
  • Connecticut: Leaning/safe D-Blumenthal. R-McMahon ten points behind.

More stats and pollings here.

Ousted GOP freetalking about rightwings.

The ousted moderate from South Carolina Bob Inglis, recently widely quoted about his views on the Tea Party and no-to-everything republican tactics, is now commenting on the GOP attack-machine towards the White House.

“I figured out early in the race I was taking a risk by being unwilling to call the President a socialist. I’d get asked a question and they’d all wait to see if I’d use the word — socialist — they were throwing around. I wouldn’t. Because I don’t think that’s what he is.”

— Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC)