Meanwhile, the President.

It’s been a while, but this time the West Wing Week was kind of nice again. It provides an exclusive inside view of the President’s daily activities, and it’s free from all the noise.


Gov. Christie (NJ) and President Obama.

It’s a bit hard to interpret Chris Christie at times.. A few weeks back he defended a muslim-american appointment to the state supreme court, slamming the critics as driven by “ignorance”. Then he made some speeches praising Obama and Napoletano’s work on Irene a few days ago – using phrases like “Great Leadership”.

And now he’s standing strong and loyal by the President in this clip:

In today’s enviroment on his side of the political spectrum – this is almost Huntsman-like behavior. A 2016 hopeful should probably not do these kinds of things, unless he aims for the Teddy Roosevelt genre – reforming a corrupt and industry-ruled US government (like the late 19th century) and grooming a center-right Presidency based on reason and fairness and country before profits.

One could hope.

Once again. The problem is incompetence. And thus loss of confidence and rejection.

From a piece in the Hill:

Two-time independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader hammered President Obama on Tuesday for his “remarkable political, moral and strategic weakness” in brokering a tax deal with Republicans.

“It has become a widely-noticed habit of yours [Obama’s] to concede or to adopt both the Republican terms of policymaking and Republican policies and programs,” Nader wrote in a letter to the president. “For many of your 2008 voters, this [deal] will indeed be the last straw for any active support they might have considered providing you … [and] will signal even greater capitulations to the Republicans during the next two years.”

The details are not the issue anymore. Nor is the GOP agenda, or the components of the latest deal. The people chose a leader in ’08 – that proved inept.