Dow Breaks 14,000 For First Time Since 2007

Imagine this under a newly elected Mitt Romney…


From NPR:

The closing number marks the first time the stock market measure has broken that barrier at the end of the trading day since October 2007.


Sachs on Sunday: Federal Jobs stable 1980-2011.


Fed. jobs 1980-2011.

Jeffrey Sachs has this simple and calm tone to his writings:

The editorial board of Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal has a simple game. They want to cut taxes for the rich and government services for the rest, and end regulations of banks and the environment. They support taxpayer-financed bailouts of Wall Street when needed. They will twist any facts in the service of these goals.

Today’s lead editorial, with its graph of “Obama’s Growing Payroll,” is a perfect example of how the WSJ misleads rather than informs. The gist of the editorial is that Obama is presiding over a massive increase of government, exemplified by the surge of civilian employees. The graph shows a striking rise of federal employment from around 1.875 million in 2008 to 2.1 million in 2011. (I reproduce this as Figure 1 below).

The Journal neglects the fact that today’s 2.1 million workers is actually identical to the number of Federal employees in 1981 at the start of the Reagan Administration, 1989 at the end of the Reagan Administration, and 1993 at the end of the Bush Sr. Administration. The numbers went down slightly after that (by around 200,000-300,000 workers as of the late 1990s) with a decline in Defense Department civilian employees, a decline that was probably offset by the rise of private defense contractors (not included in the OMB tables). There is no long-term trend at all.

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Real-life paintings.

This was nice:

Painted man.


“american artist alexa meade creates her representational paintings directly on her subjects, covering people and objects in layers of acrylic paint before photographing them. the works offer an unusual conflation of painting, installation, and photography, as the three-dimensional forms are collapsed in space, taking on a 2D appearance in the prints. in her exhibitions, meade frequently paints over small rooms in which a human subject sits for the duration of the show, offering a performative aspect to her work.”


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McConnell and WH – this package sounds bad.

$3tr yes.. but BBA would probably kill it.

$3tr, no revenues, balance budget amendement..

The parties in this process are just way too far apart – and McConnell, Obama and Biden don’t get to decide this in a closed meeting.

It’s starting to look more like a kill in the Senate – and a President left with only the 14th Amendement option on Tuesday.

Probably done vintage Obama.. as a “temporary postponement” while talks continue.